You Deserve To Belong

The Harmony Journey Begins Here


This journey will change you forever. I cannot wait for you to begin, my dear.

You deserve this one magical life.

Learning and embodying these foundations shifted everything for me, and I cannot wait for you to have these too.

Growth isn’t always linear and I hope in everything you step into in this adventure you’ll do so as your absolute best friend, because after all your are always your first and last friend.

Be kind to them, will ya?

With my whole heart,


"you are worthy of your soul's desires"

Week 1: You Deserve To Desire

Week 1
flower behind held up with mountains at sunset in the background

Too often

1. We’re taught that desiring is wrong
2. Told “You can have what you reach for”

Yet we look at a child reaching out for everything that sparks their curiosity. It immediately goes in their mouth, this powerful point of tasting. Desiring leads to us naturally wanting to embody it. So here is your invitation to begin the desire work, listen to all the things your soul has been asking for and write it down. You may be surprised by what you pull into your reality.

Step 4: Journal Prompts

Begin each day in your journal to write down things you desire. Start with things that are small and also include big ones. For example, I desire to do yoga today, take a bath or drink a cup of coffee. I also desire to go to Iceland this year. 

  • each day write as many “small” and “big” desires as you can
  • Spend a few minutes going to look back at past days and check them off and/or write in a different color some “hype girl” notes like “yes!” “this is amazing,” “way to go” etc.

Watch how your mindset shifts to seeing you can reach out and gather in.

Finish these prompts: I feel connected when…. I feel a sense of belonging when…. How can you call these things in?

Step 5: Creative Exercises

Week 2: I Make My Life

Week 2

The way we exist in the world makes it seem like we live subject to our culture, society, family, religion, and so much more. But one thing all the “great” people have ever known is that we are all truly creators of our own internal worlds. It’s time to reclaim yours. 

yellow and purple wild flowers

Step 4: Journal Prompts

In what ways in the past have you used your free will to make decisions?

(It can be as small as saying no to eating something or as big as saying no to something because it didn’t feel right to you.) What is one place in your life you’d like more free will or say in how things go? (Remember that we do not control other people’s behaviors, words, or actions. We all are autonomous beings.) What would that look like if you played out an entire scene?

Write it out as if you are scripting your life.  (Being mindful that if you write, I wish someone would do XYZ start over in that vision with I want to I would do XYZ.) Build on this for a week and see what things you start to shift in your life.

Step 4: Creative Exercises

Week 3: Build The Observer Effect

Week 3

Learning that our thoughts and emotions are not us but a part of us will be a game changer in your life. This is learning the role of the observer. This places you outside of a moment to witness your emotions and thoughts to discover you are still yourself and in control of your responses and, ultimately your life. 

"I am not my emotions I am experiencing them" view of a waterfall
"my emotions don't define my worth" wall near a river

Step 4: Journal Prompts

See if you can purge your emotions for the day in your daily journal. Listing all the emotions you felt throughout the date. Try to do this from the role of an observer, not judging your emotions or judging yourself for judging yourself, trying not to (I know it’s a serious practice). Note how some emotions are still there, and some have passed. 

  • As you do this practice daily, you’ll begin to do this throughout your day and begin to build emotional awareness. That you are not your feelings. You are experiencing them. And there is so much freedom in that.


What am I feeling right now? What am I letting it “mean” about me? How can I release an attachment of my emotions to my worth? My emotions do not define my worth.

Step 5: Creative Exercises

"space does not separate us'

Week 4: Being In Community

Week 4
two people holding hands cheering into the ocean
Feeling Seen is the Shift To Healing

1. Being witnessed is necessary

2. We were built for relationships

So much is fighting against us to pull out of our relationship with each other and the earth. But it can all head as we step back into harmony together. It starts with you, healing your views of relationships, knowing your innate worth and safety, and letting yourself be seen and witnessed. I cannot wait for you to feel the simplicity of this inside these community practices and as you grow and change on your own.

Step 2: Live Community Classes

Coming fall/winter 2023

hands touching

Step 3: Journal Prompts

What are ways I can safely engage with others to share the shifts in my life? What boundaries can I set not to become reliant on others to fulfill the needs I can fulfill in myself while still allowing myself to witness and be witnessed?

Step 4: Creative Exercises

Your Journey Can Continue in The Storyteller Map

You can continue in your journey for free, you’re welcome darlin!

Storyteller Step 1
You Deserve To Exist In the Overflow