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Resource Library

Access to all the talks, meditations, yoga flows, and replay classes I've created. Currently over 80+

Road Maps

Customized membership roadmaps. (Unique member-only road maps are in the menu above)

Take the quiz to find yours if you haven’t already.

Creative Exercises

Unique experiences that help you embody different themes or ideas. You'll find these in your road maps, the resource library, and here.


Downloadable artwork for your phone or to print out.

Self Love Yoga Series

3 one-hour-long self-love yoga series for all body types and 28 days worth of guided meditations.

Live Classes Calendar

Coming Winter 2023

One On Ones

Starting in the fall I'll be offering a few 1:1 spots. 1:1 looks like personalized meditations, yoga flows, and unique creative exercises. (I am not a replacement for a licensed therapist.)

Community Space

Coming Soon

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Hello Lovely, I'm Lumalia

Playful explorer and beauty hunter. I’m a certified yoga teacher, a chronic illness warrior, and a beauty seeker. You may know me as a photographer too. 

I’ve spent most of my life surviving. Surviving abuse beyond imaginable, surviving health challenges most people rarely face in a lifetime, surviving a difficult pregnancy, birth, and young baby, surviving a difficult marriage full of co-existing trauma. 

photo of emmy near an alpine lake

Let's Learn To Celebrate Again

I see you, survivor wearing all your armor. Life is not easy, we’ve all been through so much and I’m hear walking through the muck finding the glitter in the sand with you as we learn how to Celebrate Again, every single day, on the hard days, on the good days, in the quiet moments, and especially in all the space we can find wander.

Let's find wonder together