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Hello Lovely, I'm Emmy

Playful explorer and beauty hunter. I’m a certified yoga teacher, a chronic illness warrior, and a beauty seeker. You may know me as a photographer too. 

I’ve spent most of my life surviving. Surviving abuse beyond imaginable, surviving health challenges most people rarely face in a lifetime, surviving a difficult pregnancy, birth, and young baby, surviving a difficult marriage full of co-existing trauma. 

Let's Learn To Celebrate Again

I see you, survivor. Life is not easy, we are warriors, survivors but I’m here to empower you to step out of surviving and step into thriving. Step out of letting life happen to you and learning to Celebrate Again, every single day, on the hard days, on the good days, in the quiet moments, in the hectic moments.

Are you tired of endless days feeling ragged at the end of the day, letting food, drinks or TV be your only source of comfort that is layered with guilt and shame? What if you could step into a lifestyle that is filled with empowerement instead of emptying.

Are you ready to get out of surviving life and step into thriving?