Awareness Is The Beginning of A Magical Life

The Spark Journey Begins Here


This journey will change you forever. I cannot wait for you to begin, my dear.

You deserve this one magical life.

Learning and embodying these foundations shifted everything for me, and I cannot wait for you to have these too.

Growth isn’t always linear and I hope in everything you step into in this adventure you’ll do so as your absolute best friend, because after all your are always your first and last friend.

Be kind to them, will ya?

With my whole heart,


Week 1: You Deserve Self Care

Step 1
"Youre life impacts everyone you’ll ever meet, touch, embrace and know. It’s time you remember your worth" trees intertwined

Embrace the empowering truth

1. You have all the time you need for yourself.
2. You are absolutely worthy.

When you grow, the world blossoms alongside you. Remember, you are an important part of a magnificent network that extends beyond yourself. It’s time to fully acknowledge and celebrate your natural worth. Embrace your limitless potential and allow yourself to thrive and flourish in every way possible.

Step 4: Journal Prompts

  • What keeps you from self-care? What beliefs have you made for yourself about self-care? (ex: I must take care of my family before myself?)
  • What has this belief done to serve you? How can you thank it and re-write a new belief?

Ex: My family comes before me. It’s served the role to help you keep your family thriving at the cost of yourself. What if you re-wrote that to: We can thrive without sacrificing myself”?

What am I calling self-care that isn’t making me feel in a state of overflow after? (ex: non-nourishing foods, entertainment, numbing out scrolling, etc.) How can I replace those things with nourishing things?

Ex: Instead of watching TV to distract or numb out emotionally, I went and took a bath and listened to music. 

Step 5: Creative Exercises

Coming soon

Week 2: Build The Observer Effect

Step 2

Learning that our thoughts and emotions are not us but a part of us will be a game changer in your life. This is learning the role of the observer. This places you outside of a moment to witness your emotions and thoughts to discover you are still yourself and in control of your responses and, ultimately your life. 

"I am not my emotions I am experiencing them" view of a waterfall
"my emotions don't define my worth" wall near a river

Step 3: Journal Prompts

See if you can purge your emotions for the day in your daily journal. Listing all the emotions you felt throughout the date. Try to do this from the role of an observer, not judging your emotions or judging yourself for judging yourself, trying not to (I know it’s a serious practice). Note how some emotions are still there, and some have passed. 

  • As you do this practice daily, you’ll begin to do this throughout your day and begin to build emotional awareness. That you are not your feelings. You are experiencing them. And there is so much freedom in that.


What am I feeling right now? What am I letting it “mean” about me? How can I release an attachment of my emotions to my worth? My emotions do not define my worth.

Step 5: Creative Exercises

you're body is full of infinite wisdom

Week 3: Your Body Has A Mind

Step 3
"you contain the stars" female by waterfall with arms up

Wisdom Is Within Your Very Cells

1. Our bodies are ancient technology
2. Within them holds the power of the stars

Intelligence is akin to royalty in Western society. It can get you far, but it can not get you to the limitless because it is limited. However, our bodies contain wisdom in them passed down from thousands of years of evolution. All you have to do is remember how to listen to them. 

Week 4: Grounding Into The Earth

Step 4
mushrooms growing in the ground

We are also earth

1. Disconnection ends at your feet
2. We are held by gravity

We are nature. Loneliness ends when we remember: we are never alone on this planet. The wind in your hair, gravity holding you, air exchanging in your lungs, we are the pulse and heartbeat of this beautiful home.

Step 4: Journal Prompts

Begin each day in your journal to write down things you desire. Start with things that are small and also include big ones. For example, I desire to do yoga today, take a bath or drink a cup of coffee. I also desire to go to Iceland this year. 

  • each day write as many “small” and “big” desires as you can
  • Spend a few minutes going to look back at past days and check them off and/or write in a different color some “hype girl” notes like “yes!” “this is amazing,” “way to go” etc.

Watch how your mindset shifts to seeing you can reach out and gather in.

What helps you feel grounded in your body? Make a list and see if you can incorporated these slowly into your daily rhythms. 

What helps you feel a sense of belonging? Is it having people over for dinner or having a friend to call? Make a list and maybe set some dates on your calendar to connect with others.

Step 5: Creative Exercises

"you are not your stories"

Week 5-8: It's Time To Love Deeply Yourself

Step 5

"We drink the poison
Our minds pour
For us
And wonder
Why we feel so sick.”
- Atticus

Self hatred is no longer in style

1. This will set you free
2. Falling in love with yourself is the least selfish thing you can ever do

Self-love has a bad rap sometimes. But what if it didn’t mean you just pampered yourself? What if it meant you looked in the mirror each morning the way you do at your beloveds? How much beauty would you radiate if you lived such a life? I believe it’s possible because I’m a living testament to going from low self-worth to daily living in my own rom-com.

You're Invited on a 3 Week Self Love Journey

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with shame and guilt, struggling to feel like you’re enough to tackle life?

What if the relief you needed in your life wasn’t to learn something new but to embody a truth already inside of your soul?


“Lumalia shares a yoga-for-everyone approach, so no matter your ability level, there are modifications along the way. If you’re struggling with yourself, love yoga, or are just looking for a positive community, I highly recommend” – Jessica

Join me in the journey of self-love, embracing kindness towards yourself, finding joy in your own worth, and appreciating your body’s abilities over our culture have deemed as “insufficient”.

“The soothing blend of physical movement and emotional release urges you to treat yourself with the same love and care that you share with the others in your life.”
– Morgan

Your Journey Can Continue in The Harmony Map

You can continue in your journey for free, you’re welcome darlin!

Harmomy Step 1

You Deserve To Desire

1. To often we’re taught that desiring is wrong

2. You can have what you reach for