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Would you rather live your life as scripted or in creation?

Welcome to Celebrate Again 2.0 A membership for all those ready for a beautiful adventure back home to themselves.

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You're going to gain more confidence, connect with yourself in a dynamic way, heal deeply, and lean into your stunning place in this magical world.“That felt fun.” - Marissa, Vet Tech  “It felt good and very playful.” - Peter, Creative Enterpenuer “It felt like a full body gratitude, not just in the brain.” - Jack, Engineer
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Hi Darlin’, I’m Lumalia, your connection architect and guide at Celebrate Again Yoga. I used to live a scripted life, surviving abuse without even realizing it until my late twenties. But guess what? I broke free from that cycle of suffering and transformed my entire existence. Now, I’m bursting with self-love, living an incredible life, and building amazing relationships. And you know what? You deserve that too.

I created Celebrate Again 2.0 because I’m all about rewriting the stories we’re handed and creating the lives we deeply long for. Let’s embark on this soulful journey of celebration and transformation together.

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Peter, Creative Business Owner
Peter, Creative Business Owner
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"I think the individual session and homework were the most helpful for me personally. . The meditations also reminded me that my body needs to have far more movement in my life than it was getting, and I physically feel a lot better now. The whole experience has been wonderful, and I would highly recommend Lumalia."
Jason, Photographer
Jason, Photographer
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“I felt a strong sense of calm safety, safety in expression in sharing.”
Mike, Engineer
Mike, Engineer
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“The imagery (in the meditation) was very beautiful, it felt fun.”

We’re all part of something greater, and we each possess our own voice. It’s in our very bones, particularly the Hyoid bone, connected to our expression. Our biology grants us the birthright to create our own energetic tone, unlike anyone before or after us. But sadly, as we grow up, few of us get the chance to embrace this innate gift fully.

As a keen observer with a background in photography, yoga, movement meditation, somatics, neuroscience, and nature’s healing, I’m here to invite you into practices, experiences, and conversations that will empower you to feel truly at home within yourself.

Inside Celebrate Again, you’ll discover a profound sense of safety within your body, heal past wounds, and remember that you can overflow with boundless love.

Our practices are accessible, fun, curious, sometimes silly, sometimes immensely powerful. they may surprise you by shifting your entire being. Think of them as yoga, breath work, meditations, journaling, and exercises, but remember, they are simply tools to help you reconnect with the truth that you are more than just a brain with legs.

I created this membership because I could never find anything like it. A one-stop place that combines teaching, embodiment work and community. I created this setting for myself while I was deeply healing, and I believe you deserve the same. I cannot wait for you to begin. 

You are invited to become the architect of your sacred soul's home.


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Kim, Animal Spirit Expert
Kim, Animal Spirit Expert
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"This was one of the most powerful classes I've been to."
Quinn, Yoga Teacher
Quinn, Yoga Teacher
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"I felt really happy and giddy and a sense of unity."
Scott, Tesla Engineer
Scott, Tesla Engineer
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"I felt transported. I was transported to a world better than VR. I feel more in touch with my body."

What To Expect

In all great journeys, you can stand on the sidelines and watch, wade in slowly, or jump right in. No matter who you are and where you feel safe, I hope this journey will evoke in you a place to meet yourself, fall deeply in love, and feel a deep sense of relief to share your beautiful truths.

Everything will be taught, but sometimes you’ll be invited into a more profound embodied experience…this is where the real work is done when you involve your whole self. Trust me, as much as we love to live inside our minds, it’s our bodies that hold the memories of our pain and suffering. It’s why so many of us are sick and why I teach along side embodied work.

Check out the free classes here.

Results You'll See

  • Discovering or reinforcing a sense of safety in your body
  • Healing from narratives that aren’t from your true self (think childhood wounds, inherited mindsets, cultural programming, etc.)
  • Affirming your sense of belonging and importance
  • Building your confidence and self-worth
  • Feeling into your purpose
  • Creative ways to express yourself
  • Maintain healthier and have more meaningful relationships

“Lumalia’s workshop in mirror neurons and connecting in a phase of just sending or just receiving helped us to learn each other’s body language and listen on a different level. We both are excited to move forward with the tools that Lumalia gave us to help cater to each other’s love needs, especially with the tools to communicate without being physically present with each other. If you are on the fence about whether or not this is for you, jump on in!” – Marissa, Vet Technician


What's inside the membership?

Unique to Celebrate Again these creatieve experiences will help you step towards the growth and healing you desire in a fun and exciting way.

Not sure where to begin? Take my Self-Awareness Quiz and find your unique roadmap inside the membership with access to all the content that will guide you along in your beautiful journey. Includes:

  • Creative exercises
  • Yoga/meditaiton classes,
  • Inspirational talks
  • Journal prompts
  • Library of 80+ classes to help you regulate your nervous system through accessible yoga and meditation classes
  • Great for beginners and season practioners alike!
  • Sort through classes based on emotions your feeling or body area you’d like to focus on.

Inspirational and education talks or stories based on specific themes that have been vaulable in my own life and what I’ve studied along the way. Including things like:

  • Exploring Self Pleasure
  • Embracing Your Own Life instead of witnessing others
  • Why Self Care is Important as a Mother
  • Importance of feeling safe
  • I’m always adding more classes, talks, creative exercises and stories on a monthly basis!
  • Digital prints of inspiring locations
  • Digital prints of affirmations
  • Which include yoga, breath work, meditations, journaling, and/or movement meditations.
  • Embodiment practices will be optional and announced as a part of the class ahead of time. 

Let curiosity call you like a whisper of a lover in your ear to say you're worth lavishing this much.


“I found the connection exercises extremely helpful in getting us out of our heads and into our bodies. Lumalia has a beautiful way of speaking and guiding us through her meditations and cues. Her approach is calm, direct, and open-ended, allowing us to break down any preconceived expectations we may have. I felt very comfortable and seen by her.” –

Canticle, Yoga Teacher


Becoming the victim observer


I make my life my life makes me

True Self

I am a subject creator


Stories tell me who I  am  become


I am a warrior magician