Calling all the explorers, creators, healers

Let's go play

For the month of August, I’m inviting you to step into the freedom to make errors, get lost, and have an eager sense of wonder.

Responsibility makes it feel like we've forgotten

how to play

Our greatest gift as humans, or so I believe, is creation, yet so few of us spend much time doing this, because we’re so weighed down by responsibilities and have forgotten how to play.

In my own journey through healing from life altering illnesses, I realized that I lost my playfulness, and in the midst of it, I found only grief and expectations on my life and time. I’m ready to step out into wonder full time and want to bring you along on the journey


What the heck is this really?

Creative Expression To Inspire You

Through my skills as a photographer, explorer, closet poet, writer, yoga teacher and meditation facilitator, I want to give you quick doses of creativity while also giving you permission and space to express, react, or respond in any way that fits you.

You Might Get

Based on your preferences:
-a hand written letter in the mail
-an email to inspire you
-a text message of connection
-a photo
-a poem
-a yoga class
-a meditation class
-a shout out on social media

Your Part & Our Community

Soak up these creative expressions and go unabashedly create and share too:
- Write a letter to a friend
- Take a picture and text it to someone
- Write music, poetry, a healing practice
- Create without fear of it being perfect
- Share in this community


While this piece is optional, I want this project to be a wildfire, to give humanity permission to express, to get lost, to make errors and remember our power and our beauty.

Whatever you create, I’d love to share it within this community too because validation is another human connection we’ve lost, and you are worth being seen. 

This project is free to join- no strings attached

Hello Lovely, I'm Emmy

I’ve begun to ditch definitions of who I am and want to share more with you about my story and my experiences because its these that cause connections, not my certification as a yoga teacher or over a decade as a photographer and small business owner. 

However my story is more interesting, you see I’ve spent most of my life surviving:  surviving health challenges in five years most people rarely face in a lifetime, surviving a difficult entry into motherhood, surviving a difficult marriage full of co-existing trauma and recently learning I’m a surviver of insist from memories locked away in parts of me I had long forgotten only to survive. Getting sick sent me on this healing journey and its there that I found I had lost so much of myself that I’m now wondrously exploring discovering again or finding something different. 

So, I’m here in the muck with you, every day life, pursuing joy, learning to flow, and remember my desires are just as important as finishing that pile of dirty dishes and comforting my crying child.

I’m excited to go play with you, inspire each other and see what this little journey creates, and what connections we make together –beyond algorithms and emails lost in a sea of to-dos. 

photo of emmy near an alpine lake

Are you ready to go play?

"If you're not having fun
you're doing it wrong."
- Jesh De Rox