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Embracing the art of living

A monthly self care yoga membership empowering individuals through yoga, community, and practical tools to rise out of survival mode and live a thriving, abundant, inspired life.

You're invited to step out of surviving and into


Do you find yourself gasping for air most days? Overwhelmed by the tasks of life? Do you feel like there is never enough time in each day? Especially never enough time for this lovely thing everyone talks about: self care.

What if life wasn’t about turning lemons into lemonade, but adding the lemons to our water to grow more in-tune with the beautiful soul asking only to shine.


Yearly Membership

Year Access

12 month access to the self love yoga series and self-care membership

$475 Value

Customized Class

1 yoga class customized just for you by Emmy, looking at your energetic and physical needs.

$75 Value

5% Off

Any future offers while in membership including any couples photography experiences, speciality training or retreats.

$475 Value

Affirmations Download

Access to all our affirmations screen savors and printables

$125 Value

Valued at $879

Yearly Membership only $250

Includes all of the above plus the self-love membership and monthly membership offerings below.

(Learn more about the self-love yoga series.)


Self Love Membership

(Learn more about the self love yoga series.)

Self Love Yoga Videos Series

3 one hour long transformative self love yoga flows for all body types

$150 Value

21 Self Love Meditations

5-7 minute meditations to help you stay grounded in the themes of self love

$42 Value

Year Access

A Year's Access to the self love yoga series

$180 Value

Monthly Self Care Membership

Includes 3 months in the monthly self care membership.

$57 Value

Valued at $401

Self Love Membership only $97*

Includes the monthly membership below for 2 months.


Monthly Self Care Membership

Monthly Live Yoga Class

Curated to community requests to match your current self care needs.

(Try a sample live class here)

$15 Value

Resource Library

Access to all our growing yoga video library, guided meditations, and past live classes.

(See a sample here)

$120 Value

Exclusive members-only bonus content

First access to new yoga videos, meditations, future retreats, and members-only bonus content.

(Check out some free meditations here.)

$10 Value

Valued at $145

Monthly Membership only $19*

Stay for a month or two. Leave when you want, no cancellation fees or hidden charges.

*membership price will go up as we add more content. Lock in your low rate today!

Hello Lovely, Self Care Seeker, I'm Emmy

Mama to one fur baby and one human daughter, and wife. I’m a certified yoga teacher, a chronic illness warrior, and a beauty seeker. You may know me as a photographer too. 

I’ve spent most of my life surviving: surviving abuse beyond imagination, surviving health challenges in five years most people rarely face in a lifetime, surviving a difficult pregnancy, birth, and baby, surviving a difficult marriage full of co-existing trauma. 

I’m here in the muck with you, pursuing joy in the hard, showing up to listen on my mat and knowing this powerful tool of yoga can change lives.

I hope you’ll let me be your guide and find yourself too stepping out of surviving and into thriving.

Emmy smiling at the camera with her hand pulling her hair back happy to be leading you through this self care membership

Let's Learn To Practice Self Care & Celebrate Again

I see you, survivor. Life is not easy, we are warriors, but I’m here to empower you through self care to step out of surviving and step into thriving. Step out of letting life happen to you and learning to Celebrate Again, every single day, on the hard days, on the good days, in the quiet moments, in the hectic moments.

Raves from Jessica

“The self love yoga series was a really wonderful way to engage in some self care for myself. As a working mom I don’t make myself a priority as often as I should. The daily meditations have been so soothing right before bed.  The  acceptance flow was really powerful for me, I was able to work through some things I’ve been holding on to. Emmy shares a yoga for everyone approach, so no matter what your ability there are modifications along the way. If you’re struggling with yourself, love yoga, or are just looking for a positive community I highly recommend Celebrate Again.” – Jessica

Raves from Morgan

“This self-love yoga series was the perfect, restorative, uplifting end to a chaotic year. Emmy combines yoga and meditation for a truly holistic experience that calls your mental, physical, and emotional troubles to the forefront – not so they can be assertively confronted, but so that they can be approached with grace and acceptance. The soothing blend of physical movement and emotional release urges you to treat yourself with the same love and care that you share with the others in your life. No matter what you’re holding onto – whether it’s from the last year or the last decade – this self-love series will help you move one step towards letting go.” – Morgan

How does it work?


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Enjoy your self care journey!

Ways I'll help you that you practice self care that you may not expect:

  1. Provide honest conversations sharing my personal story with you
  2. Give you simple ideas of practical ways to live a life of self care and celebration
  3. Provide monthly live yoga classes, community-curated with members including my library of yoga videos. 
  4. Encourage you on your hard days.
  5. Provide regular guided meditations to help you stay grounded on those chaotic days
  6. Plus, extra pop-up bonuses.

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Join our free Facebook community where I go Live to share encouragement, some of my story, provide resources such as location guides, anniversary celebration ideas, date ideas, recipes, short yoga classes, and guided meditations.

Are you ready to get out of surviving life and step into thriving?

"We were all born to live
born to love
millions of years
perfecting the art of it,
and yet still,
it comes so unnaturally
to most of us."


Are you ready to fill up instead of drain out?

Imagine yourself, able to tackle hardships in life because you have your needs met, you feel positive even when life is hard because you’ve learned self-love and self-care to provide for yourself. You no longer practice yoga out of obligation to burn calories, but because you are excited to nourish your soul. You no longer plan celebrations because you’re “supposed to,” but because you have wonderful ideas that fit your unique relationships. You no longer feel overwhelmed traveling because you have an insider’s guide to explore beautiful locations in the US. You no longer feel alone because you have Emmy and a community cheering you on to live your life to the fullest.

Self Love Yoga Trailer

What if the relief you needed in your life wasn’t to learn something new but to embody a truth already inside of your soul?

Will you join me in this journey of self love.

Learn more about the self love yoga series here.