Self Love Grace & Forgiveness

Welcome to the second video in this series. Below you’ll find the video that is 49 minutes long. 

Yoga blocks or some thick books or in a pinch cans can be helpful for this practice.

You also have access to the mediations to do throughout your week or whenever you need extra support.

While journaling isn’t necessary allow yourself time/space after or during each class to press pause or finish the class journaling or processing as you need to.

Self Love Grace & Forgiveness Video

This is the second video in the series. While you can watch the videos in whatever order you like they were designed to build upon each other in theme and ability levels.

If you enjoy music feel free to play my mediation playlist  on another device on Spotify which you can find here: Spotify ambient music playlist

Before You Begin this video it can be helpful (but not required) to grab a journal, meditate, or think about if there are places in your life where you feel like you’re hard on yourself. This could also be something you’ve done in your past that you’ve struggled to forgive yourself for. Don’t feel like you have to “solve” anything with this but having the awareness can be helpful going into this practice.

Self Love - Grace & Forgiveness - Daily Meditations

Here are guided meditations ranging from 3-7 minutes long. 

Each meditation includes one with music and one without depending on your personal preferences. 

Meditations mention a position called legs up the wall. Find the tutorial to legs up the wall here.


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Thank you for joining me through this series. It’s been a pleasure being your guide to deeper self love.


“You are not a drop in the ocean you are the entire ocean in a drop.”