Meditation & Yoga That's More Like Fireworks Than Learning To Be Still

What if your baggage was lighter, not because it got cured with a single dose, or drowned in something outside of yourself but became fully embraced, flipped and turned into your greatest power to be the magician of your soul?

Hello beautiful soul, I’m Lumalia, a connection architect guiding you to step into the sacred wisdom of your body fostering a community of people like you on a similar journey of finding their joy as they heal.

Can I tell you a secret? I used to cringe at the words like mindset work, yoga classes, and meditation. Yet, I always found my greatest joy in adventures, which rarely seemed to be in any of that work.

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Let's Create Circuits

Then I gave myself permision to be changed by some very powerful people. I learned their tools that were just as fun as my adventures, but mostly I learned how to feel fully me after so many years in darkness.

I quickly learned it’s not about the tools we need to learn, but the ability to connect with each other. Be open to being changed in a safe community and experience the transformative conduit nature of what it means to be human’s sparking each other into deeper places of growth and creativity.

Tools are helpful but not powerful by themselves. A hammer has no strength until someone gives it permission and purpose.

When you give permission to be changed by the community here, in these practices you will find that you’ve learned to listen to your body, maybe for the first time, find a sense of play again and tap into meditative states so quickly that usually takes many years to find.

You will find healing.

You will find joy.

The sparks we create

in practicing together will be ones that kindle joy in ourselves and everyone we met.


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