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Self Love Yoga

Self Love Yoga Philosophy

Embracing the art of living

A three part self love yoga series with three individual hour-long yoga videos and daily meditations created to be practiced over a 21 day period.

You're invited to step into the art of

self love yoga

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with shame and guilt, struggling to feel like you’re enough to tackle life?

What if the relief you needed in your life wasn’t to learn something new, but to embody a truth already inside of your soul?


Will you join me in this journey of self love

as you maybe for the first time step into kindness towards yourself

and to walk in joyful affection for yourself

that rejoices in the ability of your body

and not in what you or our culture has deemed as "insufficient".

Will you join me in this journey of self love as you, maybe for the first time, step into kindness towards yourself and walk in joyful affection for yourself, rejoicing in the ability of your body and not in the things that you or our culture have deemed as “insufficient”.

Or learn more about the Celebrate Again yearly self care membership here.

Hello Dear, I'm Emmy

I’m a certified yoga teacher passionate about self love yoga, a chronic illness warrior, and a beauty seeker. You may know me as a photographer too. 

I’ve spent most of my life so far not knowing how to practice self love: thinking it was just a selfish thing “new age” people did. But after suddenly being hit with chronic illnesses with no expiration date, my life turned upside down and I had to learn how to love myself right where I was, in a completely different body.

Self Love Quotes I Live By

“This is my home, you see,
So no longer will I let it be
A place of shame
Or a vessel of insecurity.
It will be my chapel of forgiveness
And a palace of respect.” – Becca Lee

Self Love Yoga Meditation

Want to try out a self love yoga meditation that you’ll hear in this series?

Emmy leads you through self love quotes in these meditations.

Click the audio below to try a sample! This meditation is only 7 minutes long.

emmy bowing in self love yoga pose of namaste hands on top of a mountain after sunset

Together, I want to come alongside you and free you from the baggage that’s kept your heart down and let free this radiant being you already are.

Do You Need Self Love Yoga?

Don’t take my word for it: here’s what others are saying:

The self love yoga series was a really wonderful way to engage in some self care for myself. As a working mom I don’t make myself a priority as often as I should. The daily meditations have been so soothing right before bed.  The  acceptance flow was really powerful for me, I was able to work through some things I’ve been holding on to. Lumalia shares a yoga for everyone approach, so no matter your ability level, there are modifications along the way. If you’re struggling with yourself, love yoga, or are just looking for a positive community, I highly recommend Celebrate Again.” – Jessica

“This self-love yoga series was the perfect, restorative, uplifting end to a chaotic year. Lumalia combines yoga and meditation for a truly holistic experience that calls your mental, physical, and emotional troubles to the forefront – not so they can be assertively confronted, but so that they can be approached with grace and acceptance. The soothing blend of physical movement and emotional release urges you to treat yourself with the same love and care that you share with the others in your life. No matter what you’re holding onto – whether it’s from the last year or the last decade – this self-love series will help you move one step towards letting go.” – Morgan

Self Love Yoga Series Trailer

Check out this trailer of the self love yoga series!

“We drink the poison
Our minds pour
For us
And wonder
Why we feel so sick.”



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