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Yoga Nidra to Heal Inner Child

This Yoga Nidra to heal your inner child is going to rock your world in the best way possible. If you’ve had a childhood that wasn’t the one you’d pick (don’t we all?), then this practice will help you rewrite your childhood story. If you’re ready for a radical change in your life, this yoga nidra practice is for you.

If you haven’t practiced yoga nidra before, check out this page for some quick helpful tips and instructions. However, know that all levels are welcome.

Hello darling, I’m Lumalia; I call myself a connection architect because I love to create resources that guide you in building the metaphorical home you want in this lifetime. To me, that is our bodies, our minds, our wholeness, the one you choose versus the one you were brought into this world. With my background in yoga, meditation, somatics, and my own wholeness journey (more on that in my memoir Blooming Upside Down). I’m excited to guide you into this really powerful mediation.

Yoga Nidra helped me in a season I needed it the most, and I hope this practice meets you in the same place, a place ready for beautiful transformation, knowing you are fully in control of your life. Cheering you on, darling. 

Yoga Nidra nest and beginner instructions on this page: Yoga Nidra for Healing

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If you’d like more classes on healing your inner child check out my Yoga Nidra for the Leo Full Moon

Or if you’re in the Celebrate Again membership check out this creative exercise to sit with your inner child or this somatic movement Kindred practice the Magic Treehouse.

Or go check out this experiment I did to heal my inner “good girl”, healing my inner child

I want to give a shout-out to my poetry and women’s studies teacher, Chelsie Diane, for inspiring this class specifically. Go check out her “Daddy” class in Poems and Power.

Yoga flows before watching this Yoga Nidra for Healing Your Inner Child

Below are some free yoga videos to practice if you need to get your wiggles out before diving into this practice. 

Here are other free Yoga Nidra pratices I have.

Trauma Infromed Care for Yoga Nidra to Heal Your Inner Child

Informed care with this yoga nidra to heal your inner childhood is ideal to do after you’ve worked to grieve and release the attachment you’ve had to your very real childhood experience. This practice is not meant to spiritually bypass your childhood and take action to support ourselves in the ways we weren’t supported in our childhood. 

However, this class will help you give an option to choose a different story to live by and free you from your subconscious story. 

In the rare event after this experience, you begin to experience flashbacks or any traumatizing memories, please reach out to a trauma therapist for one-on-one support.


Disclaimer: Celebrate Again, LLC recommends that you speak with your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When partaking in any form of physical activity it is potentially hazardous, and that may involve a risk of possible injury or even death. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you voluntarily agree that you do so with the knowledge of the risk involved, expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury to yourself.


For more info about wrist pain please visit your physician or read here.

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