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Yoga To Feel Your Best Every Day – 35 Minute Feel Good Yoga Flow

Join me in this  yoga to feel your best flow where I’ll take you to an alpine lake and explore what it means to feel good in our bodies. 

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Yoga To Feel Your Best Ever Day Video

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9 Yoga To Feel your Best Everyday Poses

While it’s always best to work with a teacher in a yoga class to have gentle reminders to stay safe in poses and transitions, these poses practiced on your own in shorter flows or stretching throughout the day can be helpful to feel good.

1. Bridge Pose

Emmy doing bridge pose near an alpine lake

This is a good pose where you’ll want to follow the yoga to feel your best video above to make sure to get into this pose without harming your neck. I particularly love this pose to feel good because it’s a super accessible inversion which helps get circulation and the lymphatic system moving without a lot of movement if you battle fatigue of any kind.

2. Childs Pose

Emmy doing child's pose near an alpine lake

Child’s pose is an absolute classic yoga pose to feel your best. My favorite way to do this is actually with my child haha.

Pro Tip Have your child, partner, roommate, or friend sit on the edge of your hips so the two of you are back to back. Then have them drape their body down on your spine which will create a duel push and pull along your spine to track deeper into the pose. Communicate when its too deep and have them slowly roll up. Be mindful if you have sensitive hips if the weight is ever too much. There should be no pain in yoga!

3. Cow Face

Emmy doing cow face near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

Cow face is one of my favorite yoga poses, mostly because of its silly name, and there’s a fun way to lead into it (see video above!). It’s so good for your hips which is where a lot of us hold emotions. 

4. Forward Fold

Emmy doing forward fold near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

Even if you’re not flexible or have crazy tight hamstrings, forward folds are always a good idea to feel good. 

Pro Tip: Next time you’re sitting in a chair or on the edge of a couch, try draping your torso over your legs to get some forward fold vibes without having to have warmed up at all.

5. Open A

Emmy doing open a folded near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

Another juicy stretch, Open A is wonderful for all the organs because it goes into that inner thigh and meridian line that holds so much access for our core organs.

Play with widening and shortening your Open A to see how it feels in your body.

6. Reverse Plank

Emmy doing reverse plank near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

Planks really get all the attention, while in my opinion, there is some hidden magic sauce in reverse planks, maybe because it’s an epic heart opener and maybe because they are less practiced in most traditional yoga classes. I don’t know about you, but I always love to try something different.

7. Supine Twist

Emmy doing supine twist near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

If there were ever a feel good yoga pose, it would be supine twist. Gently soothing your internal organs and your spine, this yoga to feel your best pose is simply juicy. Don’t take my word for it, pop up to the video and give it a go.

8. Toe Stand

Emmy doing toe stand near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

If you really need to work on your trust or balancing, this is the place to go. When you fall out of toe stand, you fall only a couple of inches which is what makes it feel super safe. Not only that, its great for the feet and stretching out the fascia which don’t get a lot of love for most of us modern folk.

9. Wild Thing

Lumalia doing wild thing near an alpine lake

I know this looks super fancy, but it may be more accessible than you think! If you have a solid bridge pose in your practice and three legged dog, or can hold yourself up in those reverse planks, you should give this fun playful pose a try. Please watch the video above for instructions on how to get in and out of this pose and remember, yoga should never hurt, so please stop and breathe to come back to neutral if it does. 

More Yoga To Feel Your Best

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