emmy standing with arms open to practice yoga to release emotions with text over that says "yoga to notice"

Yoga To Release Emotions | Moving Pain to Pleasure

As I’ve been exploring ways to witness my own emotions I found this  yoga to release emotions. But really has happened is I’m just noticing them as I move pain into pleasure through witnessing unattached. 

Welcome Friend, I’m Lumalia, with Celebrate Again Yoga. I’m excited to bring you this half hour yoga flow to help you step into yoga to release your emotions. This class also pairs really well with my yoga nidra scared circle meditation right after class if you have the ability to make this an 80  minutes practice.

Yoga To Release Emotions | Yoga To Notice

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9 Yoga To Poses To Release Emotions Practiced in This Class

These poses are practiced throughout the flow which I always recommend watching but if you’d like to play with just a few poses I use in this class here are the break downs and some modifications as well. 

1. Cat Cow

emmy in table to about to do cat cow perfect for yoga to release emotions

Cat cow is a great yoga pose to release emotions as you open up the heart space front and back. Its great to warm up the spine too. If your wrist bother you try this on your forearms instead or

2. Reverse Table Top

emmy doing reverse table top to do yoga to release emotions

This is another great heart opening pose. I really love this too because it helps a lot with posture (which if you’re looking for yoga for posture check out this video!)

You can make this more advanced by extending the legs and moving into reverse plank. My absolute favorite to develop good pec and core muscles. 

3. Reverse Plank

Emmy doing reverse plank near an alpine lake for yoga to feel your best

I love the different of reverse planks, they truly open up the heart space in ways I cannot even begin to describe to you. I’m excited for you to give them a go if you haven’t already introduced them into your practice.

4. Downward Facing Dog

emmy doing downward facing dog to do yoga to release emotions

It really is a go to pose for releasing emotions because its a good reset from all the heart openers and inversion to help you balance back out. 

5. Star Pose

emmy doing star pose to do yoga to release emotions

If you ever want to release emotions and step into your power, star pose is such a great pose. It can feel vulnerable at first which is why I recommend it inside the flow above. 

More Yoga To Feel Your Best

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Disclaimer: Celebrate Again, LLC recommends that you speak with your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When partaking in any form of physical activity it is potentially hazardous, and that may involve a risk of possible injury or even death. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you voluntarily agree that you do so with the knowledge of the risk involved, expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury to yourself.


For more info about wrist pain please visit your physician or read here.


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