yoga nidra for healing trauma 40 minute practice view of tress and fog

Yoga Nidra for Healing Trauma: A Ceremony in Surrender

Yoga Nidra for healing trauma is an extremely powerful tool. While this is just one Yoga Nidra for healing trauma script a thousand more could be created. This particular Yoga Nidra practice uses the own sacredness of your imagination to step into this Yoga Nidra for healing trauma: a ceremony in surrender. With the voice of Lumalia guiding you, you’ll follow the instructions of this relaxing laying down meditation of Yoga Nidra. Through this practice you will give your body permission to ground itself and your subconscious to heal.

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Hey lovely, I’m Lumalia, RYT here at Celebrate Again Yoga. Yoga Nidra has been such a powerful tool in my life. Its something I keep coming back to on a weekly bases if not almost daily. There are so many amazing benefits to practicing Yoga Nidra some of which I go into detail in the yoga nidra for healing meditation. 

I hope you enjoy this practice. This script came from my heart into something I really needed in my own life and I hope it transforms your life too. 

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P.S. You can watch the video below to see how I set up my “nest”, but sadly, due to commercial breaks out of my control, I no longer recommend meditations on youtube. I’ve included the audio here instead. Audio does take a moment to load; please be patient. 

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What to Expect in this Yoga Nidra For Healing Trauma

This is a great practice to do at sunrise or sunset. Yoga Nidra is perfect to restore energy and when you feel too tired to do much else.

This meditation is extremely gentle but if you find your body reacting in any way that does not feel as you wish you have the option to end or pause the meditation at any given time. Be very gentle coming out of a Yoga Nidra practice mid-way as it may lead to headaches or dizziness. Going slowly and gently into your next task is extremely important for the body in this deep practice.

If you are battling PTSD or C-PTSD please consult a licensed professional before beginning any new meditation practice.

Yoga Nidra for Healing Part 1: Relaxation

We’ll first go through the systematic processes of all Yoga Nidras that naturally relax the body and helps it go into the Alpha and Theta brain waves and possibly the Delta brain waves. 

Yoga Nidra for Healing Part 2: Sankalpa

Part of most Yoga Nidras includes setting what’s called a Sankalpa, or a positive affirmation stated in the present tense. 

Examples include: 

  • I am whole
  • I am free
  • I am safe
  • I am enough

I like to consider my Sankalpa before I begin my practice and you may enjoy this too.

Yoga Nidra for Healing Part 3: Guided Visualizations

The yoga Nidra for healing trauma script will then guide you into a hallway with portraits of artists or people you love.

You’ll then be guided into an outdoor sacred space where you’ll be invited to rest in some place that feels beautiful to you. 

Next, you’ll be surrounded by people you love or value or even a future version of yourself that will invite you to surrender and heal yourself. 

Finishing the Yoga Nidra for Healing Trauma

The practice will finish with you stating your Sankalpa while you’re still deep in Yoga Nidra and then invite you to gently come out of the practice.

I highly recommend taking 5-10 minutes to rest, stay off the screen, or journal about your experience. Even after practicing Yoga Nidra for years each time is so different for even me. So take time to really absorb this practice.

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Post Yoga Nidra Journal Prompts

Journaling is a great way to integrate back into everyday life after a Yoga Nidra practice. Here are some post-Yoga Nidra Journal prompts could include:

  • What did I notice about my body relaxing?
  • Was there any part of the practice that was hard to stick with?
  • Did I feel any specific messages or truths come through?
  • How am I feeling now compared to when I began this practice? 

Props for Yoga Nidra

Yoga Mat

Yoga mat: I love my cork yoga mat as its hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, sustainably made and self cleaning!

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster:  this under your knees makes for some great low back relief, although not required for Yoga Nidra it’s also a great tool to have for restorative yoga (feel free to save our yoga for adrenal fatigue a restorative flow for later!)
stack of yoga bolster hand made
image from GrikeLT on Etsy


Blanket: While you don’t need a blanket in cooler climates it helps to make sure the body is warm but not too warm that you fall asleep. I personally love my hand-woven blanket from Ireland. I also love these alpaca blankets on Etsy!

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