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Self Awareness Meditation to Find An Inner Calm

Self awareness meditation can feel hard to do if you aren’t even sure what self awareness really means for you. Self, the word used to literally scare me. “Self” meant focusing on just yourself and ignoring other people. But in my phobia of self I became even more selfish because I was operating out of a life of letting life happen to me. Ironic, isn’t it

Hello beautiful soul, my name is Lumalia and I’m a yoga teacher and one of the couples’ experience-making photographers and CEO here at Celebrate Again, set out on a mission to provide you with embodied resources. Helping you step into deeper understandings to celebrate well, daily, and on the grand events in life like your wedding or anniversary.

Self Awareness Meditation

To me, self awareness is defined as the awareness of your own feelings and spirit.

Self awareness allows us to cultivate a life we want instead of letting life “happen” to us. 

Because of my own hard journey (more of that at the beginning of the video below) to become self aware I want to create a mindfulness meditation for self awareness.

I’ll be using the self awareness meditation script below the video if you prefer to lead yourself through the meditation.

The beginning of this video is my personal journey with self-awareness but I currently have this video to play at the beginning of the self awareness meditation but feel free to rewind it!

Alright, now to our self awareness meditation, feel free to save this as a bookmark, share it with a friend and revisit as much as you want. 

FYI: Meditation starts at 16:42 in the video below. The beginning of the video is a conversation about why self awareness is so important.

Self Awareness Meditation Script

self awareness meditation script with quote by Emmy from Celebrate Again "beneath the darkness is light, holding you up."

Come into a comfortable seat or laying down

Relax your whole body, making sure if you’re sitting, your spine is in alignment so your breath and flow of energy can move through your whole system. Head over heart, heart over pelvis, shoulders relaxed.

Take a deep breath in.

And let it out.

Close your eyes.

Slow your breath down

Breathing into your belly, long and slow breaths

Imagine you’re in a boat or on top of a tree

Really set the scene for yourself.

Your thoughts are the river if you’re in a boat or the leaves if you’re in a tree.

Notice any distracting thoughts and watch them float down the river or drift away in the breeze.

Whatever thoughts pop up, simply notice them.

Watch them float or drift away.

Keep noticing, keep letting go.

Keep breathing.

Keep noticing and keep letting go.

Stay here repeating this as long as you’d like.

Come Back

Come back to your surroundings, notice your feet or toes, and wiggle them. Notice your hands, wiggle your fingers.

Open your eyes if they were closed.

Did any thoughts keep coming up? Can you take some time to ask why? Journal or just process with yourself. Practice this self awareness right here.


Self Awareness Exercises

So, now what? How do you keep staying self aware? Or what are some other awareness meditation techniques?

Here are some great self awareness exercises that I use often that can also be very meditative.


Pro Tip Meditations don’t always have to be with your eyes closed or emptying your mind, they can just be a very intentional moment withour minds.

Wish you had a road map to your healing journey?

view of a walkway to the mountains

Take our self-awareness quiz to find out where you are in your journey, and get a free customized road map complete with unique talks, meditations, and yoga practices to help you integrate. 

Check Your Reactivity

Am I reacting to something? Take a step back, a deep belly breath and ask myself why. If I cannot calm down, I will go scream into a pillow or journal out how I’m feeling. Find a way to safely express what you need to. Then, when you feel like you have the capacity, sit with yourself, a journal or just in quiet stillness and ask yourself why you felt that way.

Check Your Triggers

Did someone or something trigger me?Repeat the above and ask why. For me, it always comes back down to an experience I’ve had in my life that by thinking and talking about something, I’m able to release its power over me.


Meditation.While I love just thinking and journaling, meditation can be a great resource too. Not sure how the heck to meditate? Don’t worry! Try out some of my free meditations.

Pratice Yoga

Yoga. If you find your body holding on to a lot for you, yoga can be a great way to get into those spaces, feel them, let them breathe and move back to journaling, processing or meditation after.

Wanna try some right now? I have a library of free yoga classes you can try right now!

Here are some of my favorite classes:

Dance, run, hike, or get outside.

emmy standing on a a cliffs edge dancing practicing this self awareness meditation and dancing

Really anything where you can be alone and give yourself space to process. Leave your phone on silent and unplug yourself to just be. It’ll do magic for your self awareness but also for your soul.

Heck, if it’s safe for you and a safe place, try walking barefoot, connecting with the earth is so healing for our human bodies that are really made of earth too if you think about it.

Above all else learn to celebrate yourself regularly!

(P.S. we love that plant-based diet life and have some recipes you can check out.)

If you’re in a relationship doing this work will help you so much. To learn more about the real reason your feeling disconnected from your partner go here. 

Want To Go Deeper and Feeling At Home everyday?

hand holding colorful sunset

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Read more about my full story with self awareness here on elephant journal!

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