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Yoga Nidra for Sleep & Insomnia

Yoga Nidra for sleep truly is not Yoga Nidra at all. However, the techniques used to enter into Yoga Nidra are helpful to put many of us in the modern world to sleep. After being beyond exhausted but unable to relax and fall asleep, whether we are insomnia sufferers or simply busy people, this 20 minute Yoga Nidra for sleep guided meditation will help you find some rest to quickly drift off.

Hey beautiful soul, I’m Emmy, RYT and certified Yoga Nidra instructor. I’m so excited to bring you this Yoga Nidra for sleep guided meditation! I, too, battle issues sleeping because of my chronic illnesses and use these techniques of Yoga Nidra to help myself fall asleep! I hope you find great relief from them too.

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Yoga Nidra For Sleep 20 Minute Guided Meditation

P.S. You can watch the video below to see how I set up my “nest”, but sadly, due to commercial breaks out of my control, I no longer recommend meditations on youtube. I’ve included the audio here instead. Audio does take a moment to load; please be patient. 

Yoga Nidra for Sleep - Why Its Not Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is sleep with trace awareness, its a state of consciousness. While we’re trying to fall asleep, we don’t want to remain in the actual state of Yoga Nidra, hence this practice is utilizing the techniques many Yoga Nidra practitioners use to enter into Yoga Nidra to actually fall asleep. 

Why Do Yoga Nidra Techniques Work To Fall Asleep

In our modern world, we’re constantly bombarded with overwhelming amounts of stimuli. It can be hard for even the most well-versed yogis or frequent meditation pupils to actually fully relax and go to sleep. But the very specific techniques of Yoga Nidra help bring the perfect combination of relaxation to the mind and body that put our brains and bodies back to homeostasis to fall asleep. 


Pro Tip Want to learn more about Yoga Nidra and its amazing benefits? Check out this book by Richard Miller “Yoga Nidra: A Mediative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing”

I Tried Yoga Nidra For Sleep and Didn't Sleep

While I’m no sleep expert, my biggest recommendation to get to sleep after trying this meditation is to practice an asana flow beforehand. Sometimes our bodies just need more movement or release before we can fully relax.

I highly recommend checking out my 10 minute bedtime yoga class before you listen to the Yoga Nidra for sleep meditation.

And other times, we just need more specialized, long term help. Reach out to your physician or naturopath if you’re really struggling with sleep issues for an extended period of time. I personally love Dr. Sherri Greene.

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view of the sunsetting on the water with small mountains in the background text saying "Yoga Nidra for sleep and insomnia 20 minute guide" "click here to watch video"


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