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This is a short guided meditation for grief and loss. Below you’ll find the video version of this meditation, but you can also find the guided meditation script for grief below too. 

Hey sweet soul, my name is Lumalia and I’ve been no stranger to grief, battling chronic illnesses myself now for 5 years. Below the guided meditation for grief and healing you’ll find my story about learning to co-exist with grief and celebrating life. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it or jump back to the beginning of the video and listen in. Sending you love and light, dear one.

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Guided Meditation for Grief & Loss

Join me as I guide you through a body scanning meditation through the chakras or energy points within the body to help bring your body some much-needed calm through your breath and awareness. You see, many times, in our grief we can start to disassociate from the body, so it’s so important to stay grounded and remind yourself that even here you’re being held, even if its the most painful time in your life, that’s ok too

Note: the beginning of this video is a replay of a live conversation I had around grief but the video will begin at the mediation.

"Let’s give all our emotions air to breathe, space to feel and room in our bones"

"Let’’s give all our emotions  air to breathe,  space to feel and room in our bones" quote by Lumalia over an image of the sky with a bird flying

Guided Meditation Script For Grief

  1. Come into a meditation posture sitting upright or laying down with the intention to stay awake and aware.
  2. Calm your breath deep into your belly, taking slow deep belly breaths
  3. If it feels safe to, you can close your eyes
  4. Scan your body from head to toe. If you’re familiar with the chakras, use these are your anchor points.
  5. With every inhale, notice. With every exhale, release the tension in that area.
  6. Notice if there is there a part of you that feels tight?
  • Your head hurting: are you stuck in worry of something, feeling disconnected?

Take this time to quiet your mind and let your spirit guide you. It has so much it wants to share

  • Headache or pain between your eyes? Are you feeling lost and unsure?

Take some time to silence all the “rights and wrongs,” “should and should nots” to listen.

  • Does your throat feel tight? Is there something you’ve wanted to say but haven’t been able to?
    Does your chest feel heavy?

Depression can sit here, our emotions blocked. Draw your shoulder blades back, and ask for your heart to tell you what it needs.

  • Does your stomach hurt or feel heavy? Do you struggle with low self-esteem or confidence

Can you listen to why that is or work through a mantra reminding yourself that you are worthy.

  • Do your hips bother you? Do you have emotions you’re afraid to experience?

Can you take time to listen to them?

  • Does your spine feel heavy? Do you battle anxiety or fear?

Can you focus on the beauty of the ground holding you up right now and rest in the simple safety of that?

Take some time to sit in each body section, listen and breathe.

When you’re ready, slowly wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes as you come back to your surroundings.


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