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Yoga For Tight Shoulders An Easy 10 Minute Yoga Flow Anyone Can Do

Feel tight shoulders? Join, Lumalia, RYT for a short 10-minute yoga for tight shoulders. This is perfect for anyone who is at a computer most the day, a creative entrepreneur, or sits at a desk a lot! 

Don’t have time for the yoga for tight shoulders yoga class? Try integrating these yoga poses for tight shoulders into your own regular yoga flow or during a break at your desk.

Yoga for Shoulder Pain: 7 Must-Try Poses To Bring Relief

Don’t want to try the 10 minute yoga for tight shoulders class below? Incorporate these 10 yoga poses for tight shoulders into your yoga flow to find some regular relief!

1. Seated Cat Cow

Seated cat cow is a great yoga for tight shoulders pose, specifically because as you use your knees to counter your weight in seated cat, you’ll feel a different stretch than if you performed cat cow traditionally on all fours. It also gives relief to any weight on your shoulders if you’re dealing with any injuries or shoulder joint pain.

2. Eagle Arms

Emmy in full eagle position doing yoga for tight shoulders
Eagle pose a good yoga pose for tight shoulders

Add eagle arms into your seated cat cow for an extra juicy stretch into your shoulders like no other! You can do eagle arms in any standing or seated posture you’d like. Adding it into seated cat cow makes it an absolutely fabulous yoga pose for shoulder pain.

3. Wait The Table

Yep, that’s not a real yoga pose, haha, but it’s what I’m going to call it because in this pose you rock your head to one ear, then lift your opposite arm as if you’re a waiter holding a tray. 

Then move your hand up, down, forward, or back to find the juicy spot in your shoulder and neck!

Release gently on an exhale. Switch and perform on the other side.

4. Thread The Needle

Starting in table top, stretch one arm underneath your other armpit, resting on that shoulder. Your opposite hand can go in one of three positions: propping your body up, stretched out long like in child’s pose, or brought to your low back for more of a twist.

Release gently through table top on an exhale. Switch and perform on the other side.

Not sure how the heck to get into this pose? Watch the yoga for tight shoulders class below!

5. Interlace Your Hands In Mountain

Standing in mountain pose, interlace your fingers behind you. Draw your shoulder blades together and lift your heart like you would in upward facing dog. Lift your head gently, making sure not to crunch in the back of the neck. Draw your fingers down to the ground making sure to relax through the shoulders as you open the front body.

6. Arm Across The Chest

In a seated or standing posture of your choice, cross one arm over your chest. With the opposite hand, hook your arm near your elbow using the bent arm to draw your arm closer to your body.

Switch and perform on the other side.

7. Puppy Pose with Namaste Hands

emmy doing yoga for tight shoulders on the top of a mountain doing tree pose with hands in namaste
Tree pose with hands in Namaste

Starting in table top, walk your knees back as you rest your forehead on the ground and your chest moves toward the earth. Feel free to add a block under your head if getting your head to the floor isn’t possible in your body. 

Extend your arms out long in front of you like in child’s pose. Engage the low abdomen to protect the low back, while aiming the tailbone towards the back wall.

Lifting your hands up, place your hands in namaste above your head.

For a through tutorial on this posture check out this tutorial.

Yoga for Tight Shoulders 10 Minute Yoga Flow

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