10 Minute Yoga for Firm Breasts Lift and Strengthen

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This 10 minute yoga for firm breasts will help you lift and strengthen your muscles surrounding your breasts. 

Hey lovely, my name is Emmy, RTY here at Celebrate Again Yoga. I’m a mama and chronic illness warrior. I get the whole, “What happened to the breasts of my youth?” thing we all face as we age. However, I discovered after practicing yoga regularly and focusing on heart opening postures like in this 10 minute yoga for firm breasts flow, my breasts weren’t so droopy and some perk began to return. Not only that, my posture improved and emotions were released that were once stored in my heart energetic center. Yoga is really an amazing tool more than just posture improvement. I hope you enjoy this quick flow!

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9 Yoga Poses for firm breasts plus strengthen sagging breasts

If you enjoy creating your own flows, here are some poses that can help firm and tighten sagging breasts. 

Fish Pose or Supported Fish Pose

emmy in supported fish pose a great breast firming and heart opening pose

Fish pose is great to open up the heart space. If you’re practicing and it isn’t quite accessible in your practice, try supported fish pose with a block or book like we do in the yoga for firm breasts video above. 

Supported fish pose is great to open up your heart space which may be energetically the source of a lot of forward turning posture causing some extra sagging you’re working to lift.

Reverse Plank

Emmy in reverse plank showing how good of a yoga pose it is for breast firming

Many of us practicing traditional Hatha and vinyasa flows are familiar with plank, and while regular plank is great to strengthen, reverse plank is even more powerful to strengthen the chest muscles and again open the space of the front body more than traditional plank can.

Reverse Table Top

emmy in reverse table top pose showing how good of a yoga pose it is for breast firming

Similarly to how reverse plank can support you in your journey to firming and strengthening sagging breasts, reverse table top is a good transition pose and a bit easier to get into if you’re a beginner. Check out the video above for tips for this pose.

Reverse Forearm Plank

emmy in reverse forearm plank showing how good of a yoga pose it is for breast firming

Catching on to the trend here? Reverse all our normal flows and you’ll get some amazing heart opening spaces and the breast firming you’re looking for! Watch the video above for tips for this yoga pose. 

Camel Pose

Camel pose is another great heart opening pose, while more core and upper thigh strength is required, it’s a great opening posture.

Pro Tip: Please listen to your low back when practicing camel as you don’t want to injury your low back trying to get into the shape vs feeling how the posture feels in your body.

Wild Thing

Not only is this pose fun to do, it’s great at opening up the chest space and firming the muscles around your chest!

Wheel Pose

Yet another great heart opening pose is wheel pose. Make sure to warm up your spine and abs before going into this yoga pose.


You’ll find this pose in many vinyasa flows. It’s another great chest and breast opening pose and helps to tighten the muscles around.

Pro Tip: Cobra tends to be a very transitional yoga poses in many yoga flows. Try to slow down in this pose and really feel your chest space opening next time you’re in this pose. 

Counter Poses

After all that heart opening, don’t forget to add some counter yoga poses to help your body come back to balance. Any forward folds will help reset the spin well. 

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