(This can be very triggering, so I highly recommend, if you have any trauma you are working through, to ask your body if it wants to do this before doing this. If it gets tight anywhere, now is not the time. If it doesn’t, then go ahead!)

Remember Them

  1. Take an old photograph of yourself looking into the eyes of that inner child.
  2. Ask them what they need in that stage of life.
  3. Let emotions flow if they want to.
  4. Then spend time journaling in an imaginary conversation with them.
    1. Or in an imaginary place, speaking with them in your mind’s eye.
  5. If you do a journal, you can use two different pens and write from your inner child with your left (or non-dominant) hand and from your current self with your right (dominant hand.)


After Care

After you finish, find a pillow/stuffy/lovie/blanket/sweater, or beloved to give you lots of quiet hugs.

Be mindful of sharing your experiences. We do not want to make them feel invalidated if others can not hold space to listen non-judgementally or without offering advice for you.

If you do share your experience, set a verbal boundary that you are just sharing and want to be seen in sharing and not receive feedback or advice. If the person you do share with does either of these, gently ask them to talk and take a moment to shift out of the conversation.


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