Our thoughts, our emotions are not us. To ever say that we are just our thoughts or just our emotions is a disservice to our full human experience. Yet how many of us get caught up in believing I’m angry therefore I am anger. Our language doesn’t help. But what really is happening is we are experiencing anger we are experiencing a thought or emotion. 

A huge piece of my emotional growth has been stepping into this place called the Role of the Observer. The more we can step into this place the more we are free from the attachment to our emotions and thoughts. The more we can realize we are not just one thing. We become so free to become something new each moment and that my darling friend is why being human is so dang amazing.

But we forget often, which is why I’m here guiding you. Here is a fun creative exercise to help you start to embody this. 

I am In Flow

Don’t underestimate the power of doing this in nature somehow if it’s accessible to you. We are pretty disconnected as a culture from nature, and if you can do this safely, I’d highly encourage it. Nature is always here waiting to teach us.

Make sure to check the weather and follow local rules for staying safe!

  1. Find a water source (river, waterfall, ocean, kitchen sink, bathtub, shower). (Or use your imagination listening to this waterfall sounds snippet)
  2. Visualize your emotions or thoughts as water flows with the water source.
  3. Imagine these emotions or thoughts being carried away from you by the flowing water.
  4. Gather some rocks or sticks if you’re near a natural water source.
  5. One by one assign each rock or stick to represent a specific feeling or thought.
  6. Safely toss or place these objects into the water.
  7. Observe as they flow away or get released, symbolizing your connection with the natural rhythm of life that we are never just our thoughts or emotions. 
  8. It’s a disservice to simplify the human experience to just our emotions or thoughts. What is life but an accumulation of experiences that could never fully be captured by just on felt sensation? 
"I am not my emotions I am experiencing them" view of a waterfall
"my emotions don't define my worth" wall near a river


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