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Read the article, but come back to watch this talk as I go into more aspects of the importance of exploring your own body.

You are a stunning piece of creation who naturally has sexual desires, so it is not a sin to explore your own body. But why do you feel so guilty doing it all the time? We’ll be diving into all of this and where to even begin if you’ve never felt the freedom to explore your own body and especially empowering female sexuality, since I’m speaking from personal experience here, as a female. 

Hello, beautiful soul; my name is Lumalia, a connection architect here at Celebrate Again, empowering individuals on a journey back home to themselves, free from the stories engrained in us and able to access the divine wisdom each human has.

Masturbation (self-pleasure) has long been controversial and often shrouded in secrecy and shame. Many of us grew up believing self-pleasure was taboo, something we couldn’t or shouldn’t do. But it’s time to debunk those myths and uncover the truth about self-exploration and self-love.

Is Touching Yourself a Sin?

One common question arises: “Is touching yourself a sin?” The short answer is no. Masturbation is not a sin; it’s a natural exploration of our bodies to understand what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s time to stop letting others dictate what feels suitable for you and start listening to your own body.

If you live in a world where others have to tell you what feels good and doesn’t feel good to your body, you give away the very thing you have for yourself; that is your voice. 

But take heart, my dear friend, you are not alone. Many of us, including myself, were taught from a young age that we cannot speak up for what happens to our own bodies, let alone how we want someone else to treat them. It is the 21st century, and it’s time we put an end to letting anyone else tell us what we do and do not like.

Breaking the Silence: Empowering Female Sexuality

For women, the journey of self-pleasure has often been marred by societal expectations. We’ve been told that our pleasure should only come from our partners and that we must figure it out together. But this places an undue burden on our partners to decipher our desires and preferences.

I grew up with this mindset that I wasn’t allowed to explore my own body, but it was a “sacred treasure” for me and my future husband to one day discover together. We could discover our bodies inside the “safety” of marriage. 

The massive problem with this is that no human is ever a safe human 100% of the time. We are programmed to protect ourselves. And no matter how good someone is, they still have an ego operating to keep them alive. Sometimes stronger egos and programs, no matter how intentional someone is, can still function in a way that is hurtful to someone else or particularly to how someone else lived their lives.

We must learn how to pleasure ourselves before understanding how we want to be satisfied by others. Of course, we can know more about our pleasure in relationships. We can be brought deeper into it in relationships. But we must understand our wants and needs before adding anyone else’s.

It’s time to break the silence and reclaim ownership of our bodies, especially as wombholders. Exploring and understanding our desires is crucial in building healthy relationships and self-awareness.

Self Pleasure Empowers Safe & Healthy Communication

Exploring your own body goes beyond the act of sexual connection. It’s about learning how to communicate your desires and boundaries effectively. By understanding what you want and don’t want, you create a safe space within yourself to voice your experiences.

In any relationship, the ability to say, “This is what I want” and “This is what I don’t want” is essential. It’s not solely your partner’s responsibility to decipher your desires; you must be able to communicate them.

So many partners get frustrated by one another not being able to communicate their needs. For many of us, it was because we were never taught that our needs could be met, let alone how to share them without getting an adverse reaction from someone else. So we’ve been trained to bury them deep within us and pretend everything is okay and what others want is really what we want, too. 

The end to living in that form of slavery begins with understanding your own beautiful body. And it’s accessible to you right now.

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Exploring Your Body Builds Self-Trust

Trusting your own body is a crucial aspect of self-pleasure. When you explore your body, you teach it to respond to your desires and communicate its needs. This builds trust within yourself, which is essential in self-pleasure and all aspects of your life.

Your body communicates through sensations and feelings, often through symptoms. It’s time to give those sensations a voice, to say “yes” or “no” to what you’re experiencing. Your body’s wisdom has been waiting for you to listen and discover.

Learn more about how your body communicates with you reading how I cured myself of autoimmune diseases.

Self Pleasure Empowers Resilience 

Engaging in self-pleasure is more than just seeking pleasure; it’s about building resilience. It’s about learning to reach for what you want, hold onto it, and ultimately achieve it. This foundation of self-trust is crucial for pursuing your dreams and goals.

By practicing self-pleasure, you teach yourself that you can have pleasure and that it’s your birthright. You can hold the tension, wait for it, and eventually experience it. This foundation of self-trust empowers you in all aspects of life.

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No matter where you are, please know that exploring your own body is not a sin; it’s an act of self-love and empowerment. It’s about breaking free from societal stigmas and building trust within yourself. By embarking on this journey, you can enhance your relationships, communicate your desires effectively, and, most importantly, build a profound connection with your own body.

It’s time, my darling, to remember your right as a human is to know pleasure, feel safe in your own body, communicate and receive your needs in healthy, safe relationships, and learn how to trust that your body is always speaking the truth.

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