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Finding your life’s purpose is the primary fire energy of Aries season. It can feel chaotic if you aren’t following your deep passions that bring the collective energy to high levels of existence. So if you’re looking for some guidance or just want to come to play inside the beautiful waters of this Yoga Nidra to find your life purpose-guided meditation let’s hop in!

Hey beautiful soul, I’m Lumalia, a Yoga Nidra certified Yoga Teacher here at Celebrate Again Yoga. I adore using the energies of the moon to create unique guided meditation journies for you. I love to use the power of your subconscious, deep energic forces that we don’t always have access to in our conscious states in other stages of life but can easily inside Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra has been a powerful healing tool in my life, and I hope this meditation and other practices I have here are healing for you too. 

FInd Your Purpose Guided Meditaiton Yoga Nidra New Moon in Aries

Before you begin, feel free to practice this New Moon in Aries Yoga Class. Getting the body to move and gently open before practicing Yoga Nidra can really begin to open space for your entire being to receive more authentic messages. 

If you’re new to Yoga Nidra to check out my tips in this blog post: Yoga Nidra for healing.

More Tips for Finding Your Life Purpose

Come back to this guided meditation to find your life purpose inside Yoga Nidra often. Sometimes life draws us in different directions. Our own wounds or baggage from our inherited biology can pull us out of our, purpose, and using practices like this can help reground us. 

If you feel like your life purpose has to be grand but that makes you sick to your stomach, it could mean that your perception of what a life purpose is could be curated by culture. 

Life purposes can be grandiose, and they can be simple all at once. It doesn’t always mean you need to give up everything you have and go chase the dying sea turtles and win the noble peace price, but it certainly can. 

As much as you can open yourself to new ways of being that light your body up, pleasing your surroundings or inner critical voices.


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