I Was Good When | Letting go of Shame | Movement Meditation

"I was good when, releasing shame live replay 50 minute class" sunset photo of sun fainting in background of palm out

In this live replay class, we dive into some breath work, some guided meditation which you’re invited to bring intuitive free movement into, and then into some partner work where we release very gently places of shame stored in our bodies. 

This is a gentle but can be a powerful class. Go at whatever pace feels good to you and know that you’re in full control.

If you haven’t practiced Kindred before, please watch this Intro to Kindred class first, or if you feel comfortable with the intuitive movement. You can also listen to this class as a guided meditation with your eyes closed.

Sometimes there is partner work, in which case you can partner with me or practice this class with a friend or partner.

Leave a comment with your experience so you can share too. 


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