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Self worth is your inherit value as a human being, its untouchable by our actions and experiences however it can feel diminished which is why we have this self worth meditation to help you remember your self love journey is first found in remembering this truth.

I’d love to lead you through a short self worth meditation where you’ll set your mantra, and we’ll use our breath and our body to notice where these fears, lies of who we really are have been stored to keep us safe.

This can be a powerful meditation so if you’re sick like myself and in an intense flare please do this meditation with caution and gentleness to your nervous system and maybe return to this on another day when you’re ready to move those inner mountains.

Want to be guided through this? Jump to the meditation section of this video starting at 8:40

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Come to a comfortable position with your spine aligned to allow your energy systems and breath to reach all your organs. Laying down is always the easiest way to do this.

Begin to deepen your breath into your ribs and into your belly, in and out.

2. Notice where you put your self worth

Is there anything in your life you’ve put your value in recently that is based on your doing? Maybe this has been how good of a parent, spouse, partner you are, how well you do your job, what you own, how well you’re able to show up to relationships…let’s use this to then create your own mantra as we breathe.

  • Inhale: My self worth is not in how well I am a good parent, succeed at my job, (etc)
  • Exhale: My self worth is untouchable

Repeat this mantra.

  • Inhale: My self worth is not in how well I______
  • Exhale: My self worth is untouchable

3. Self Worth Meditation: Noticing In Your Body

Let’s come to notice is there an area of your body that is starting to hurt or feel a sensation. Can you notice that part and visualize your breath going into that place.

Repeat this with me multiple times.

  • Inhale: I am valuable
  • Exhale: Right here

Continue to notice if other place in your body comes up. Breathe into it and repeat.

4. Come back

Stay here repeating this as long as you need to.

But when you’re ready, slowly begin to wiggle your fingers and toes and come back into this space.

How are you feeling? Leave me a comment letting me know.

What Defines Your Self Worth?

I was cooking with my daughter when a recipe was loading very slowly on a website. I immediately moved on to something else annoyed this page wouldn’t load. My daughter in the kitchen with me noticed and said “mommy just be patient, why do you do everything so quickly?”

I stopped in my tracks. Its amazingly beautiful how much we can learn from kids isn’t it?

I been setting with this a lot, and if you listed to another conversation we had about choosing presences over accomplishments and how you do anything is how you do everything then you’ll remember how I’m one of those people who can do a lot in a short amount of time but its also been to my own demise.

I know though the real question isn’t why do I rush through everything but why do I feel the need to do so much as if my accompaniments define my worth – which I certainly “know” isn’t sure – but still behave this way.

The more I’ve sat with why do I do so many things so quickly I’ve come to really realize I’ve ALWAYS put my value in my accomplishments. Heck I even got praised OFTEN as a child and adult for this. I was one of those straight A students who worked my hardest at everything but also did everything. Not only that I rush so much that even in my own handwriting I can literally skip words and letters because I move that quickly. In some ways this has been a gift, I can get a crap load done in a short amount of time, but always at a cost and usually to myself.

So it became easy over the years to put my accomplishments as my value, my self worth, but then I get hit with days where my body needs attending to. I honestly haven’t shared this outside of close circle before but there are literally days I’m in bed with symptoms of my chronic illnesses. It is the best and hardest thing for me. The gift and what used to feel like the curse of rest.

But you see as I’ve been growing out of putting my value in my doing, perpetuating this real issue called ableism, I’ve realized I have inherit value that is and never will be synonymous with my doing. I’ve always “known” this but how do I live this?

You see we can “know” so much but if we live without embodying these lovely enlightened truths what good are they to us?

"As effortlessly as you exist in the sun’s rays, feeling the warmth against your skin. So is the effortlessness of your worth. It’s only requirement is your presences."


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