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This New Moon Yoga Nidra for the new moon in Aquarius greets us on January 21, 2023 12:53 PM PT HOWEVER this new moon yoga Nidra practice will be powerful for you no matter the season we are in life.  If you do want to enjoy the power of the new moon practice this new moon yoga nidra within 48 hours of the new moon in Aquarius. 

Welcome to this new moon yoga Nidra practice for the new moon in Aquarius season of stepping into your truest self boldly and bravely while letting go of past conditionings. In this guided yoga Nidra meditation, we’ll use techniques to bring the body into full relaxation while we let the subconscious mind speak to us and help us create a beautiful vision for us to hold onto as we daily step into our most authentic selves.

If you haven’t practiced a yoga Nidra practice before, you’re in great hands, this meditation is perfect for beginners. To find out more about the practice of yoga Nidra you can visit my past blog (yoga nidra for healing) that contains some helpful info for first-time Yoga Nidra practitioners. 

Hello beautiful friend, I’m Lumalia you’re guide here at Celebrate Again yoga. I cannot wait to take you down today’s journey in our beautiful subconscious realm. It’s a place I was once fully unaware of to one I now regularly dive deeply into to find the most amazing things. Let’s hop into this!

New Moon Yoga Nidra in Aquarius Video

If you have a positive affirmation or mantra you’re working with, bring that to mind as you enter into this practice. If you do have one you can find one as we step into this practice.

Affirmations that may feel good to you during this season can be about turning fear, worry, doubts holding you back from a deep desire into a positive affirmation. Feel free to pause this video to journal through this to find the affirmation we’ll use in this practice or simply let it come to you as we go. 

See my tips below the video for more ideas on how to make your New Moon in Aquarius affirmations.

You can watch the video (above) to set up your nest or listen to the audio below

Enjoy Friends! Leave a comment letting me know how you feel after! 

New Moon in Aquarius Affirmations

Follow these instructions to find your new moon in Aquarius affirmation or Sankapla.

Sankapla’s can be as simple as:

  • I am love.
  • I am whole.
  • I am joy.
  • I am bliss.

Or as complex as:

  • “Stepping into ease and rests I find my dreams.” 

Your Sankapla does need to be stated in the present tense as our subconsciousness do not always discern the negative statements. Plus positive affirmations are always more potent. 

To find your Sankapla for this new moon in Aquarius and the Aquarius season think about what it is your true self has really been calling into your life whether it be a career, partnership, family, destination, goal in your life or whatever it is that has your heart deeply sing in joy. Then think about what are some of the ways you talk yourself out of taking steps towards that deep desire? 

Real talk! For example, I’m working on writing my first memoir. I often can find myself thinking I’m not well-read enough to be a good author, or I don’t know enough, or don’t write well enough. So a Sankapla I can work with could be “I am enough.” or “My voice is worth being known.” 

The simpler the Sankapla the more likely you’ll remember it deep inside a Yoga Nidra but it can also be turned into an affirmation you work within your regular yoga flow, breath work, or just daily reminders you put on your phone for yourself.


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