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emmy outside on her yoga mat practicing morning yoga

Morning Yoga Outside - A 20 Minute Easy Flow

Morning yoga outside makes doing yoga so much easier, right? I know if you add outside to anything but say maybe going to the bathroom I’m game haha. I love being outdoors especially when I practice yoga myself.

Morning Meditation & Yoga Outside Are They Different?

Can I tell you a secret? I’m terrible at meditaiton. I know its ironic as a yoga teacher. BUT, I’ve recently been reminded that yoga is a moving meditation. So while some may enjoy sitting meditation, clearing our minds, letting peace indwell us, sorting through all the hard and good doesn’t have to look one way.
That’s the beauty of practicing yoga, it can be catered and modified to fit your needs.
Speaking of yoga, I FINALLY got around to editing a video I filmed back in March for you all.
I hope you enjoy this 20 minute yoga flow to embrace come calm and let go of what isn’t serving you well.
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