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Legs Up The Wall Yoga Pose

Legs up the wall is a staple yoga pose in my yoga arsenal. Why? Well, some of you may not know me, but hey friend, I’m Emmy, CYI here at Celebrate Again, where we believe that we should live life to the fullest. I battle multiple chronic illnesses and legs up the wall has literally helped me survive some very hard moments in life.

Ready to dive in? This short TWO minute instructional video on how to do legs up the wall will show you to do this safely and simply from your bed or any place you can find a wall.

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Legs up the Wall Video

Enjoy Friends! Leave a comment letting me know how you feel after! 

Legs Up The Wall Benefits

This pose literally means inverted in action. It is such a great tool to help you invert the action of your day by draining the lymphatic and other fluid in your legs that come from sitting or standing for long periods of time.

I personally love this inversion yoga pose because it’s one of the safe ones you can do during your menstrual cycle. 

Legs up the wall is also great at getting blood back to your head and heart which is beyond helpful for those like myself that suffer from Dysautonomia. 

Pro Tip:  If you get any dizziness go extremely slowly in and out of this pose. Practicing on a bed can give you the best support if you need to stop mid transition.

Legs Up The Wall Props Needed

Mat Optional, But It Helps!

Having a yoga mat isn’t necessary to do legs up the wall, but you can still use one!

If you’re looking for a great yoga mat, we love cork yoga mats because they are environmentally friendly and chemical free for you too!

For more tips on how to create  a yoga space at home check out our guide!


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