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Hey beautiful soul, I’m Lumalia, RYT and certified Yoga Nidra teacher here at Celebrate Again Yoga. Imposter syndrome can feel really debilitating. Feeling like we aren’t enough or letting any fears of mistakes can prevent us from stepping forward to sharing the best parts of ourselves. I created this Yoga Nidra to heal imposter syndrome around the full moon in Virgo to help empower us all to keep sharing our magic, no matter what. I hope you find this Yoga Nirda to heal imposter syndrome valuable!

Yoga Nirda to Heal Imposter Syndrome Video

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If this is your first Yoga Nidra

  • If you haven’t practiced a Yoga Nidra before I recommend checking out this blog post: Yoga Nidra for healing
  • Make sure you won’t be interrupted
  • Find someplace cozy to lay down, but not too cozy you’ll fall asleep!

(But it’s ok if you do, it’s what your body needs right now. Come try this practice again another day and enjoy the extra rest judgment free.)

What is Imposter Syndrome & Why should I seek to heal it?

Imposter syndrome is a psychological label that names how many people feel like they aren’t good enough, don’t know enough, or aren’t perfect enough to share their gifts and talents with the world. 

Here’s the real truth: when we fail, make mistakes, don’t get it perfect the first or 100th time it only allows us to grow.

Many of us have a strong inner critique inside of us, telling us untrue things. Like:

  • “you cannot do this”
  • “you’re going to make a fool of yourself”
  • “this is too scary”
  • “we aren’t good enough”
  • “we don’t know enough”

Sound familiar?

Often times we build mindsets and inner dialogues from our childhood and life experiences. These subconscious writings on our minds dictate more of our lives than we often come to realize. 

Yet, we don’t have to stay slave to these negative talks. 

I don’t know about you but if I heard my children, partner or best friend talking this way to themselves I would have a serious sit down with them. 

We need to do this for ourselves. But rewriting deep seated beliefs can take time. Which is why I personally LOVE Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a life hack for rewiring your brain out of a way of thinking. This practice is the most gentle meditation I’ve personally ever experienced. It is so beginner friendly and easy to follow. It’s changed so much of my life in healing so many aspects of my mind stuck in negative beliefs and patterns.

In the comments below, let me know how you feel after practicing this Yoga Nidra for imposter syndrome.  


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