Self Awareness Yoga Nidra – 40 Minutes

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Hello lovely, I’m Lumalia, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with a specialization in Yoga Nidra and meditation here at Celebrate Again Yoga. I created this Yoga Nidra for Self Awareness around the Pisces new moon and also for a season of my own life where sitting with my own inner stories is very needed. I hope you find this journey into the stories of our lives with Yoga Nidra a beautiful and powerful experience. 

Yoga Nidra for Self Awareness Video

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Why This Yoga Nidra for Self Awarness During the Pisces New Moon

During the Pisces new moon, we’re asked to step into the deep waters of healing through our own intuition. Pisces is the sign of the great healer and asks us to step into a role of observing ourselves. This is one of most powerful tools we can have as humans because it puts a pause between our thoughts and emotions to our reactions. Without this pause, we can become enslaved to the past way our bodies have learned how to survive in life. This can lead to repeating trauma, living in feelings of stuckness, and becoming reactive to our environments instead of the creators of our realities. 

In most of Western culture access to our intuition is cut off very early in life or reserved for the spiritual or deeply “artistic.” Yet it’s always a part of any of us who are human. It just needs to be given permission to access again. 

Yoga Nidra is one of my personal favorite ways to access this deep inner knowing because it not only helps your body step into a deep rest many of us need it also gives permission to listen to the wisdom of our hearts.

I hope you enjoy this Yoga Nidra for self-awareness. If this is your first time practicing Yoga Nidra I encourage you to check out my Yoga Nidra for healing for some tips and insights. Moving before Yoga Nidra is always helpful to help calm the mind. I have lots of free yoga videos on here but specifically, have a full-length 60-minute yoga for self-awareness you can access by signing up below. 


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