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Yoga when you’re sick can be such a relief. Whenever I come down with cold, flu or fever I run to a handful of things one of which is Yoga: particularly restorative yoga. Restorative yoga when sick is so helpful because it allows the body to fully relax while creating a deeper flow of blood and the lymphatic system that can be otherwise hard to achieve. 

Yoga for When You're Sick & Meditation for Healing Video

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Why Restorative Yoga for When You're Sick?

Restorative yoga is a game changer for when you feel feverish, have a cold, covid, the flu or sinus troubles but cannot do your regular yoga flow or classes. Restorative yoga when sick allows the body to create more flow inside the blood stream and also in the lymphatic system by gently opening the body in small ways as we rest on props to support the position. 

So if you’re under the weather but still craving movement, stretching and general opening try out more restorative yoga when you’re sick!

Why Meditation for healing when you're sick?

Our minds and bodies are more connected than science have truly even begun to understand. It’s safe to say that you already know this considering you’re here. 

One of my favorite things to do inside of a restorative yoga class is add in guided meditations. For those of us who aren’t keen or enjoy “quieting the mind” a meditation for healing when we’re sick can be so calming. 

I personally found in my own meditation practice it isn’t about illuminating the movement of thoughts but the observation of the thoughts, and I think this is one of the greatest misconceptions of meditation for healing. 

In fact using our imagination to build up our bodies is one of the beautiful gifts we have as creative imaginative beings. So in this video above you’ll find I use the power of playful imagination to bring you healing. 

Pro Tip Meditations are as powerful as you make them. 

During the meditation for healing in the restorative yoga for when you’re sick video above you’ll come to find some very playful imaginations. The more you can give over to the visualizations that are real the more potent they will be in your body. 

But there is a very “adult” voice in us that can say “this is silly” and judge the ideas/visualizations. It’s normal but the more you can quite the judging voice and let your inner child play in these spaces with your mind and body the more powerful this practice really will be. 


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