We Find Our Way Home By Remembering Ourselves

The North Star Journey Begins Here


This journey will change you forever. I cannot wait for you to begin, my dear.

You deserve this one magical life.

Learning and embodying these foundations shifted everything for me, and I cannot wait for you to have these too.

Growth isn’t always linear and I hope in everything you step into in this adventure you’ll do so as your absolute best friend, because after all your are always your first and last friend.

Be kind to them, will ya?

With my whole heart,


"we are not the stories we are told"

Week 1: Shifting The Narratives

Week 1
"its time to rewrite our stories" light shinning through stars

We inherit stories and it’s time to decide

1. Which stories we want to keep

2. And which ones we get to write

It’s time to go on a journey of remembering your inner knowing truth’s.

Week 2: Feeling Your Purpose

Week 2
pink waves on clouds

Your Body Holds Your Purpose

Those goosebumps, butterflies in your stomach, those are your purpose. Purpose feels a lot like love. 

Step 3: Journal Prompts

  • Make a list of 25 things your interested in, really get into the nuances of what you’re interested in. For example, instead of just gardening list gardening fruits and veggies in my backyard in regenerative ways.
  • Write down ways you want to engage back with these topics, books, podcasts, groups, etc.
  • Integrate to find ways to do these things into your weekly life. 
  • The moment you loose interest in something let it go like a child who spits out food they don’t like and move on to what’s exciting your body. You can spend time journaling around letting go of that if you feel like their are deep narratives of why you cannot have that passion. 

Step 4: Creative Exercises

Your Journey Can Continue in The Magician Map

You can continue in your journey for free, you’re welcome darlin!

Step 1

Imagination is the beginning of freedom