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"10 m minute bedtime yoga" by Celebrate Again view of a cozy light filled bedroom

10 Minute Bedtime Yoga

This gentle bedtime yoga flow can help encourage your body to wind down before sleep. We’ll do some simple postures and intentional breathwork during this 10 minute bedtime yoga and nighttime yoga to prepare you for a long restful sleep!

You don’t even need your yoga mat just some place cozy and a wall. 

Hey friend, I’m Emmy, CYI here at Celebrate Again a couples photography experience making company where we strive to help people live a life full of celebration. Are you ready to embrace awesome sleep for your life full of celebration? Let’s jump in!

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10 Minute Bedtime Yoga and Nighttime Yoga Video

Enjoy Friends! Leave a comment letting me know how you feel after! 

10 Minute Bedtime Yoga & Nighttime Yoga | Poses

In case you need any props or modifications for certain poses, here are some of the yoga poses we’ll be doing in this 10 minute bedtime yoga video that you may want to add props to:

  • Staff
    • You can place a blanket underneath your knees for added support. 
    • Or place a block or blanke under your hips to make sitting up straight easier.
  • Revolved Head to Knee
    • Blanket or block to elevate the hips
  • Cow face
    • Blanket or block to elevate the hips
  • Legs Up The Wall
    • Blanket or block under the hips
    • Small weight like a rice pack place on your feet for counter weight

10 Minute Bedtime Yoga Tips

You Don't Need A Mat

Having a yoga mat for this practice isn’t a must and you can even do this whole flow in bed.

But If you’re looking for a great yoga mat, I love cork yoga mats because they are safe for the environment and you too!

For more tips on how to create  a yoga space at home check out our guide!

Shop My Pants

10 minute bedtime yoga screen shot view of emmy on her yoga mat doing nighttime yoga

I love wearing compression yoga pants to help with my chronic illness while doing yoga. If you love my yoga pants (I loved them so much I have two colors, lol). 


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