You are the magician

The Magician Journey Begins Here


This journey will change you forever. I cannot wait for you to begin, my dear.

You deserve this one magical life.

Learning and embodying these foundations shifted everything for me, and I cannot wait for you to have these too.

Growth isn’t always linear and I hope in everything you step into in this adventure you’ll do so as your absolute best friend, because after all your are always your first and last friend.

Be kind to them, will ya?

With my whole heart,


Week 1: Imagination Is The Beginning of Freedom

Week 1
hand up with the illusion of a finger touching the setting sun on a colorful ocean sunset
Holding Patterns is the end of imagination

Patterns are helpful tools to help us function more efficiently, but the moment they dictate most of our existence is when we forget one of our greatest gifts as humans: our ability to create. 

It’s only through the unique connection of patterns through the imagination do we find the heart of what draws us into the beauty of being the creator, expressing what we witness into majestic creations.

Step 3: Journal Prompts

Make a list of all the beautiful ideas you’ve ever had. This could be as silly as inventing a new way to swing, walking differently just for giggles, or anything that feels different

What happened when you created something new? 

In what ways would you like to celebrate your new creations? 

  • By shifting our self-talk to praising creation no matter how seemingly small we provide feel-good chemicals to ourselves to remind ourselves that creation is divine.

Step 4: Creative Exercises

Week 2: Stories Show Us The Roads Unpaved

Week 2
wild flowers along a dirt try in a canyon

The Beginning Of A Creator Life

Is paving your own path. 

Stories teach us lessons from the past and inspire us to be brave as our heroes. We’ve already learned not to repeat the same stories. So, now it’s time we become the ones creating the new stories, the one’s never told before, because this time, we’re dictating our every step with ease and flow in the trueness of our soul’s purpose. 

Step 3: Journal Prompts

In what ways have you decided to go your own way in life? How has it felt doing those things in your body? 

In what ways can you support yourself as you venture to “unknown” places?

Step 4: Creative Exercises

"we are not the stories we are told"

Week 3: Becoming The Creator of My Reality

Week 3

Realities can be created for us, or we can become the creator. Inside each of us is our bodies; it contains the filter by which we get to decide what everything means. Containing the freedom to choose is the secret to taking anything and making it magical. 

person with arms out wide in a wild flower field

Step 3: Journal Prompts

Find three things that have a big, more weighted meaning to you. Write them down and your current perspective of them. 

Using your imagination, see if you can shift these three things to mean something else. 

For example: 

  • The artwork that I put a lot of time and effort into isn’t selling. Therefor this must mean that I am not a talented artist. 
  • The shift: Who am I selling this to? Is this the right audience? Did I create this for the joy of it, and how can I release my attachment to what I create to define my value as an artist? I am a talented artist because I created this. It selling or not selling is about having the right audience, pricing, studio, marketing, and so many factors that aren’t tied to my identity. 

Step 4: Creative Exercises

"I am no longer a warrior I am a magician"

Week 4: Pain Is Early Stage Beauty

Week 4
framedd tunnel to view ocean waves

Pain is meant to be seen and achlemized

We must learn to transmute our pain it into something beautiful through creation or release it freely. Suffering isn’t something to be feared; we don’t empower trauma responses, but we don’t let fear of the future control us. We become our best advocate, our own poet, our own warrior to change our own world and, therefore the world around us.

Step 3: Journal Prompts

What is something I’ve chosen to release or transform into something beautiful in my past?

Take a moment to celebrate your ability to do this, writing yourself a love letter of praise as if you were talking to a friend or child you are proud of. 

Watch how you’re more easily able to shift because of setting a new precedent. 

Step 4: Creative Exercises


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