Stories Build the Bridge Between Us

The Storyteller Journey Begins Here


This journey will change you forever. I cannot wait for you to begin, my dear.

You deserve this one magical life.

Learning and embodying these foundations shifted everything for me, and I cannot wait for you to have these too.

Growth isn’t always linear and I hope in everything you step into in this adventure you’ll do so as your absolute best friend, because after all your are always your first and last friend.

Be kind to them, will ya?

With my whole heart,


"you deserver to exist in the overflow"

Week 1: Building The Overflow State

Week 1
tulips upside down with tet "bloom even when you feel upside down."
Within You Dwells Power & Expression

1. We’re taught to contain

2. To hold back to be polite

3. To live in a life of shoulds

What if you let yourself free, to fill up fully, to purge yourself of all the things you “should do” and started living in all the things that make your belly abound with butterflies and your heart feel in bloom?
"nuturing yourself"

Week 2: Reparenting Yourself

Week 2
adult holding childs hands at a beach
it’s time to say good bye to
1. Well-intentioned coping mechanisms 2. Child-like ways to get our needs met

We come into this world with human parents or caregivers. They don’t know everything, and most try their best. Many of our basic needs in childhood were not given to us. But things do not have to stay this way. Often the things we do as adults are from behaviors we learned as a child to get our needs met. It’s time now to set aside the child and become the very adult that gives you exactly what you need.

Step 3: Journal Prompts

Each day, take a few moments to think about a need you didn’t have as a child emotionally.

Pretend to be your child talking to yourself back and forth, maybe even using a different color of pen or using your left hand to write as your inner child and right as your adult self.

See what comes up and how you can give yourself those basic needs.

Go gently with yourself as you give yourself these needs, forgiving mistakes and being thankful for efforts over results and perfection.

Week 3: My Body Is Wise

Week 3
"you contain the stars" female by waterfall with arms up
Wisdom is Within Your Very Cells
1. Our bodies are ancient technology 2. Within them holds the power of the stars
Your body contains wisdom in it passed down from thousands of years of evolution. All you have to do is remember how to listen.

Step 3: Journal Prompts

  • What are some sensations you noticed today in your body?
  • What do you think they may be saying to you on a deeper level? (go into a meditation, your imagination or a Kindred free movement flow and ask)
  • Write down what images, ideas, and sensations come up. Do this daily for a week and see what you can learn about your body always speaking to you.

Your Journey Can Continue in The North Star Map

You can continue in your journey for free, you’re welcome darlin!

Storyteller Step 1
We are not the stories we are told