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Healing On Medical Medium Protocol: Starting The Advanced 369 Cleanse

My soul felt seen. Three years ago this month after finishing my yoga teacher training, not so ironically I found @medicalmedium information stumbling across healing foods on Instagram. I immediately got sucked in and felt like this man was speaking to what my soul already knew. I can heal. 

Despite my western medicine diagnosis and even alternative natural path, Chinese medicine and well, you get the picture everyone’s diagnosis my body wasn’t attacking itself. I wasn’t going to have to continue on steroids and drugs that “might” help but could also cause blindness, shorten my unknown life span even further from my current bleak outlook amount a litany of other side effects. Nor was I going to have to “manage” my debilitating symptoms that doctors/practitioners told me I would have to live with or that I was a rare case that didn’t heal after following their claimed to heal me protocols for months and years. Everyone didn’t know what to do with me expect throw more bottles of pills and herbs my way. But deep down there has always been a fighter in me. Fighting for better. 

Healing on Medical Medium Protocol

This gift lead me to medical medium info. In 2018 following the Medical Medium first book I switched from a high fat paleo Candida diet, cold turkey to vegan fruit forward diet. This fast switch is one I’d never recommend to anyone else. I was so weak constantly despite pushing my body hard every day to try to feel like the 29 year old I was.

Switching from High Fat Diet to Low Fat Diet On Medical Medium Protocol

The switch from a high fat diet no fruit diet to a fruit rich diet and lower fat cutting out meat threw my body into a wheelchair for a month. It was too hard on my adrenal glands but I had no ideas about those until later. My symptoms flared so severely I could stand up for a few seconds without getting dizzy. Yet deep inside I knew this was working. 

6 months into trying to figure everything out, seeing drastic changes like decreased inflammation in my joints, being able to stand and go on walks and my acne cleaning.

Liver Rescue: 369 The First Time

Liver Rescue came out and I did the 369 cleanse and wanted to die. Again, it was too much for my adrenal glands. But I made it through. I traveled with my mom, sister and daughter to the east coast for a girls trip and survived the flight, and traveling ok. Something I never thought I’d be able to do again. 

My body still covered in eczema I had since 2013 left open sores on my skin. Having finished the 369 cleanse and continuing to stay lower fat and more fruit and veggies my body broke out in full body rashes, detoxing too fast. I wanted to die most days.

The itching, burning, and deep nerve pain were unbearable. If you’ve ever had this pain you know what I’m talking about. Its akin to someone scraping your skin, lighting it on fire, then poking it with tiny needles every five seconds. Nothing could touch the pain and itching. I literally slept with ice packs because nothing else helps but to completely numb the skin frozen. 

Getting More Support

 I reached out to Dr Sherri Greene who helped me within 3 months get rid of the eczema my dermatologist couldn’t touch with his steroids of 3 years. 

Those 3 months were long. The rashes got worse before they got better. Like so bad I was tempted to ask for steroids again, the ones that my body has had ALL the rare side effects too…like crystallizing inside joints. And most days wanted to die. I even resorted to using marijuana one night because I hadn’t slept in months. It brought me some relief but again I reacted severely to that so it wasn’t worth continuing to use for relief. to In the end mono food days saved my life. 

Monofoods Saved ME

I looked to the powerful banana to heal my body. I would eat bananas all day along with coconut water, lemon or lime water and my morning 16 oz of celery juice. I did banana days once a week. I cut out ALL beans from my diet and tried only have avocado or seeds on the days I wasn’t mono eating. 

Starting the Advanced 369 Cleanse Again

My rashes finally healed, for good. 2 years later I’ll still get a bump in a flare haunting me of them, but I know now they are gone for good. 

Yet, I’m still here with a list of symptoms. 

Which is why I’m doing the advanced 369 cleanse now for the second time this spring and want to stay on it and/or fat free until the end of May 2021. 

Where I've been in 2020: Everything Went Wrong

I tried to go fat free back in January following Dr. Greene’s advice for me to heal. But day 3 into going fat free my depression was too severe. 

2020 was a hard year. Not only did the pandemic happen, my business shifted. I went from booking 30 photography sessions/weddings to 6. I rebranded, invested in help, and more education for my busines. Literally everything that can go wrong with rebranding and websites did, for another 8 months. Living off the sell of our home my husband became our “mommy daddy” watching our daughter since schools closed down, and helping me grocery shop because I was too afraid to step into a store. My body tanked from the stress of the pandemic, our fincial threat of our money running out when we weren’t making any income and my husband unable to go work because I couldn’t drive most days or take care of our daughter alone. 

Sea level in the Pacific Northwest: Wildfire Nightmares

We also decided to move to see if that would improve my health, living at sea level in a damp climate, where historical I always felt amazing. 

Then we got struck with the PNW wild fires of 2020 that turned the air quality the worst its ever been it went past the charts of the Air Quality Index rating at 468 on September 13, 2020. Considering good air quality is rated at 0-50. 

Locked up in yet another lockdown because there was literally no escape for at least 12 hours we taped up the windows for 2 weeks and never knew how much fresh air was taken for grated until now. 

The toxicity of this along with the stress of the year and release of traumatic childhood memories earlier that year caused my mental health to down spiral into the worst depression I’ve ever had. To top it all of my previous therapist had gone completely AWOL. I was left with emergency hot lines and Dr. Greene calling me on her lunch break in NYC to encourage me to pray and meditate along with all I was doing. 

Spring 2021 Stepping into Abudnace

Spring finally arrived and my depression became more manageable. I started doing life coaching with Dr. Chelsea Page, worked briefly with Robert J Hill and took a continuing ed course for my yoga teacher training to learn more about Yoga Nidra. 

Everything shifted. I stepped into abundance and we have been more than taken care of. Our money struggles disappear literally over night with investments my husband stumbled upon and I finally started getting work for my team of Colorado elopement photographers. 

Yoga Nidra was balancing out my very broken soul that literally wanted to depart at one point in 2020….something I’m not quite ready to share about but maybe will one day. It rebalanced my nervous system and with positive affirming influences in my life, a good counselor things started feeling more manageable.

369 Advanced Cleanse The First Time

I decided to do the 369 cleanse right after getting back from a trip with my family and my husband deciding he needed a week to himself. To be honest a week where we were separating to see if we really wanted to separate long term.

During those 9 days I was alone with my daughter and we lived outside. The weather was oddly amazing and we lived on the water, paddle boarding twice, driving to the ocean, the lakes and mountains. Something that weeks before I thought I would never be able to do. Having had the worst period pain of my life that left me sitting on the floor in the grocery store unsure if I could drive home let alone get back to my car on home on a day my husband was driving out of town to pick up a surprise puppy for our daughter birthday. 

My body responded wildly with a hell yes. It loved the advanced 369 cleanse. Even though by day 3 I was asking my 7 year old “can we do this” who sweetly jumped on board to do the cleanse with me. She said yes we can mommy, we’ll feel so good after! 

We made our calendar, placed a sticker on it for every day we finished and said we buy ourself a prize once we were done. 

Returning To Normal

A week after finishing the cleanse and going back to my “normal” diet were I frequently use fat to cope with emotions eating clean but still too much fat for my body to do its work.

I felt exhausted, no longer could get up at 6am to practice yoga Nidra and could barely go on short walks without getting tired.

369 Advanced Cleanse Again

So, here I am aiming to stay fat free for this month of May. Praying, knowing this is the last long haul that will give my body the space to do the deep healing its longed to do. 

This time it’s ready for it.

I’m staying on a mission to practice yoga Nidra daily and gentle detoxing yoga along with rebounding to help my lymphatic system. Also trying to get outside as much as possible to connect back with nature. 

We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hopeful this healing journey physically is coming soon as finally my soul also has the tools to heal too.

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