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I am not sure where to even begin with my final week of Holy Yoga training. Many of people have so sweetly and excitingly asked me how it was, and to save them from hours of answering I just reply “It was so sweet.” But as I write and say that word over and over again that just doesn’t do it justice.

It was a time of refreshment, a time of growth, a time of receiving, a time of listening, a time of nurturing. My heart began unsure and left more full than I could have ever imagined.

The week began with travel. I arrived in Arizona thinking, what did I get myself into? Is this over yet? I was in A LOT of pain and barely able to focus on any conversation because of how horrible my body felt (if you didn’t know this already I do battle from chronic illnesses). Then we began our yoga and every moment of every day God provided.

We entered into a gym with dimmed lights surrounded by wonderful humans worshiping the Lord with our heart, mind strength and soul. Meanwhile the leadership crew was meandering around us listening to the Spirit to come and touch those of us practicing, to lay hands of love and healing on us. And every time we practiced yoga which was once in the morning and once in the evening we received this. We were showered with the Word, our ears where ringing with praises of our Father, our bodies were releasing praises in return and our soul was being filled up. Sound amazing? Yeah…it was, and that is what Holy Yoga is, my friends.

Each day we also started with mediation, time to just be still before the Lord, be showered with His word or an inspiration lead by someone. It was a time to listen to the Spirit, let Him break down the walls and speak to us.

I’ve fallen so dearly in love with this practice of Christian mediation, its changed me. So to experience different methods each day was so precious and really life filling.

Moving forward my husband and I will be working together to create a guided Christian mediation podcast to help others listen to the Word and the Spirit to deepen their relationship with Christ.

Each day we also had a time of bible study and pure singing worship. It was so sweet to be learning together as a community of believers in Jesus and lovers of yoga to soak up the goodness of God’s word and redemptive story He has for us.

Each day we also learned more in depth about yoga. I was the one always asking modifying questions as the Lord has called me to create videos that are accessible by people with my similar illness and other chronic illnesses. To shower these people who are home bound or stuck in bed with the light and hope of the gospel of Christ and to help them be more in their bodies that feel like they are betraying us every day. To love themselves well even when it seems impossible to do simple tasks like get out of bed or make a meal for yourself.

I’m beyond thrilled for this journey God has called me to in making these videos. I do feel strongly too that Denver, and just the community of people I know personally needs Holy Yoga. I feel like we need to experience the Lord outside of our minds, to feel Him deeper in our bodies and listen to Him with our hearts and souls. So, I will also be hosting occasional classes around the Denver area and anywhere I may be traveling.

I would also love to host retreats down the road that are soaking us all in a similar experience as the Holy Yoga retreats but on a smaller scale.

Well there you have it friends. I am so flabbergasted by this all and so excited to be beginning all of this. I will still be doing all my other photography as well. God’s called me to bring light and hope into the word with photography and yoga. I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Now, to stay up to date with all I’m doing you can join my newsletters. I won’t be posting much about yoga on social media so make sure to sign up to receive all the info about videos and classes. Oh did I forget to mention they’ll be donation based or free classes? Yep, I believe this needs to be accessible to every one.

UPDATE! May 26, 2018 I’ll be hosting a final fundraiser to help me finish covering the cost of this retreat. If you know some of my story then you know that I was unable to work for almost two years. So when God called me this year to do the training it was a huge leap of faith finically. That being said I’m hosting mini sessions to bless others with my photography and also help me finish fundraising to cover the cost of this training. Head over to Eventbrite for the details.

Fundraising Mini Session May 26, 2018

P.S. Below are photos from the classes, the sweet community of women I bonded with while I was there, and our final sending off being anointed as Gospel preachers and yoga teachers.

Love the photos I took? Check out my portland branding photography work


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